5 Proven Tips to Fix Linksys Extender Common Issues

Linksys Extender

Slow WiFi? Can't you stream your favorites? Buffering icon appearing on everything you are trying to do over the internet using Linksys WiFi range extender? Oh! There are plenty of reasons that can hamper your internet experience: signal congestion, outdated firmware, hardware limitations, bad device location, etc. Here are the 5 simple yet useful tips to fix the most common issues related to Linksys extenders and make the most of your WiFi device.

Issue 1: extender.linksys.com not Working

Fix: Linksys extender users often report the arrival of an error message while accessing the default web address extender.linksys.com. This can be due to the use of an outdated web browser. To get the issue fixed, you can either switch to an updated web browser or update the one you are currently using. Doing so will help you access the extender.linksys.com login page. 

Issue 2: Linksys extender showing red light error

Fix: A red light error can appear on a Linksys extender due to improper connections and power issues. You are advised to check all the connections and ensure that your Linksys extender is getting a fluctuation-free power supply. 

Issue 3: Can't update Linksys extender firmware 

Fix: Updating a Linksys extender is important if you want to enjoy seamless internet connectivity.  Just in case you are not able to update the firmware on your Linksys extender manually, try to do it via Linksys extender login. You can check the firmware update option under the Administration section in the settings. Clicking the button will show you the availability of firmware updates (if available!). If you find any new updates for your Linksys extender, simply select the firmware update option to get the job done.

Issue 4: Linksys Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Fix: The intermittent WiFi connection issue can occur in certain cases. However, the most prominent reason behind the problem can be the bad placement of the Linksys extender. It is recommended to keep the Linksys extender within the range of the home WiFi router. Also, if the Linksys extender device is placed near the devices or appliances emitting radio waves, then also you may experience the WiFi dropping issue. To get rid of this, consider placing both the extender and router closer to each other, especially at the time of Linksys extender setup. Apart from that, keep both the devices away from things that could interfere with the signals of your WiFi devices. 

Issue 5: Can't Set Up Linksys Extender 

Fix: If you are not able to perform Linksys extender setup, then perhaps you are not following the proper configuration steps to make things happen. Let's explain step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Linksys extender. 

Tip: No matter whether you want to perform Linksys RE9000 Setup or make any other Linksys extender model working, the steps listed below will work for all Linksys extender models. So, follow the steps right away and start enjoying the internet via Linksys extender setup. 

1. Power up the Linksys extender and let the power LED on it turn green.

2. Connect the extender to your router using a working Ethernet cable.

3. Once done, launch a web browser on your device and type extender.linksys.com in the address bar of your browser.

4. Hitting the Enter key will direct you to the Linksys extender login page.

5. Enter the password of your device and proceed further by selecting the Login option.

6. The dashboard of your Linksys will open.

7. Check the list of WiFi networks and select your home WiFi network.

8. Follow the instructions revealing on your device's screen to complete the Linksys extender setup process.

So, these are the fixes to the 5 most common issues related to Linksys extenders. We hope you will be able to fix your Linksys extender in a hassle-free manner. If you need a fix for another issue related to a Linksys WiFi range extender, drop us your query in the comments section. You will be assisted by one of our technical support executives shortly and get a fix for the problem you might be facing with your Linksys extender. 

We wish you enjoy a lag-free internet connection with Linksys extender setup

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