NBN Broadband Plans Better Than Your Popular Internet Plan

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The Internet monitors our movements in the technological world every time we open an application that needs an Internet connection. Various social media creators tell their stories through online documentaries and interviews. It can be worrisome, but, as long as you use the Internet in a positive and right manner, you will not be at risk, and you do not have to worry about your actions. Though publishing information about yourself is like opening a book to the world, keep in mind that you need to choose what you post online. 

Keep in mind that the Internet has helped us in various areas of our life, especially in our work field or our university works. Without the Internet, it would take us days before accomplishing tasks and executing it flawlessly. Therefore, it would be best to use the Internet professionally to avoid sudden occurrences that will eventually affect your well-being as a whole.

With that in mind, since we live in an era where people are reliant on the Internet more than ever, it is good to know the wide range of NBN plans available in Australia. You can compare NBN Internet plans with CompareBroadband.com.au to determine which NBN Internet plans are perfect for your needs. But before that, you can check out our recommended NBN plans. You’ll be surprised how you can still find plans better than your current internet plan. See the list below.

Unlimited Casual NBN Aussie Broadband plan - Standard Speed

With a top-notch customer support system, the Aussie Broadband indeed had a wide range of users at a short period. They showcased their company’s capabilities by providing evidence that they immediately take action about the customer’s feedback.

The standard speed plan of unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 25MBPS you can enjoy a smooth Internet connection in your area. At a monthly cost of $69.00, you can already experience online gaming and video streaming at the same time without sudden buffering and disconnection in the middle of the activity.

iiNet Unlimited NBN50 Broadband Plan with Home Phone 

iiNet partnered with Fetch, and you can purchase their service with a lower-priced bundle of the Fetch entertainment. It is essential to never forget about your rest days because overworking may cause drain your well-being both physically and mentally. 

For $74.99 every month, you can enjoy all these features without compromising the budget of your family. It has an inclusion of free privatised and secured email for your protection during your usage of the network. Thus, they have a 24/7 customer service in which you can call whenever your Internet showcases problems during untimely hours of the day.

Standard (NBN50) Unlimited iPrimus Broadband Plan with Home Phone Line Rental

iPrimus provides a free Fetch account as well, but, there is another inclusion in your package, which is the home phone line. With the phone line, you can call anybody across the nation as long as it is local and not located in far-flung areas.

The broadband bundle has a standard speed of 50MBPS and a typical evening speed of 41MBPS. It is free from the contract; therefore, you can freely upgrade or downgrade your package anytime you feel like doing such a thing. Thus, at a monthly cost of $75.00, you can utilise all these futures without thinking if the other members of your family can use the Internet without lags.


It would be best if you entrusted your Internet connection to the best service provider so that your users would not be affected whenever sudden disconnection occurs along the way. Air traffic may inevitably happen one way or another but, by choosing the right telecommunications company, this issue will be responded to right away.

Various companies in town showcase the same features and bundles. But if you wisely choose, your family will be able to experience smooth Internet usage like no other regardless if it is for gameplays, online school, meetings, or even movie streaming. It is essential to choose the right service provider because they can be your partner in honing the well-being of your family. 

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