How to Solve Microsoft Office Won't Open Windows 10?

Microsoft Office

It is not new that with each Windows update some problems appear. Because of this, Microsoft always performs several tests to try to mitigate these problems before a new update. For some reason still unknown, the system creates incorrect values, which means that the software does not start correctly.

Have you ever encountered such a situation of Microsoft Office won’t open? When you double-click a Microsoft Office file, word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it won’t respond. Or, it does respond to you, but it is loading forever. Or, even if it can be opened, there is no content and just a blank screen. 

I believe that many users have ever been troubled with that problem and some of them are still struggling searching for solutions. You are lucky! Now, just scroll down to find the methods that fix your issue.

#1 Microsoft Office Repair

Whatever Office programs you have problem with, you can always try to fix by the built-in repairing feature. Just follow below steps!

1. open Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, under the Programs theme, click the Uninstall Programs link.

3. Within the list of the computer programs, find the Microsoft Office edition that you currently use, right-click on it, and select Change. 

4. Then, a new window will pop up. There, make your choice, Quick Repair or Online Repair (recommended), and click Repair to start the process. 

Wait until the process finishes. Then, restart your computer and try to reopen the problematic file to see whether you can succeed or not. If you can, it means that the issue is solved. If not, it is that the problem still exists and you should move to the next solution. 

#2 File Association Troubleshooting

Sometimes, “Microsoft Office won’t open” may due to that the file association is damaged on your PC. So, just troubleshoot it with an officially specialized program. First of all, download it on your computer, no need for installation. Then, click the downloaded file and open the troubleshooting tool. Next, a window will appear telling you that what the troubleshooting process can do. Just click Next and follow the guide to fix file association issue. 

After troubleshooting, double-click target file to see whether the problem is solved or not. 

#3 Establish File Association Manually

If the above automatic file association repair fails to fix your issue, you may try to do it manually. Its easy as long as you follow below guidance, which is taken Excel won’t open for example. 

1. Go to Windows Settings.

2. Then, select Apps.

3. Choose Default apps on the left panel.

4. Next, scroll down and click on Set defaults by app.

5. Next, find Excel, click on it and a Manage button will appear. Just select it. 

6. On the next screen, find the file extension of the won’t open file, click on the program behind it, and select Excel as its new default app in the popup. 

Finally, you should get your problem solved and can open target file smoothly with Excel. If there are other kinds of files that have the same issue, just repeat the above steps.

#4 Open Office Files in Safe Mode

If manually file association repair still can’t deal with your problem, you can continue to try to open the file in Safe Mode. Here, let’s take Microsoft Word won’t open for example. 

1. Press Windows Key + R to launch Windows Run dialog.

2. Input winword /safe in the box and then press the Enter key.

3. Theoretically, you will see an Office Word file opens in Safe Mode.

Similarly, the commands for opening other common Microsoft Office files in Safe Mode are below:

Excel: excel /safe

PowerPoint: powerpnt /safe

Outlook: outlook /safe

#5 Disable/Remove Office Add-ins

There is a chance that one of your Office add-ins is damaged and that result in your Microsoft Office won’t open. If so, you should disable the add-in or completely remove it from your PC if it is not necessary. Below are steps for disabling/deleting PowerPoint add-ins.

1. Start the PowerPoint program, not the PowerPoint file. 

2. Move you mouse to the upper left and click step-by-step to File > Options > Add-ins.

3. In the bottom of the new Window, keep the default COM Add-ins and click the Go button behind.

4. In the pop-up box, untick the damaged add-in and click OK to disable it. Or, tick the target add-in and select Remove to delete it. It depends on you. 

Tip: If you are not which add-in causes Microsoft will not open, just disable them one-by-one to figure it out. Once you locate the culprit, you can choose to disable or remove it. 

Hope this method can solve your problem. If not, just keep on. 

#6 File System Repair

It also can be the corrupted file system that cause your Microsoft won’t open. To verify it, you can rely on a third-party tool to check your file system. Most of those programs can also fix the errors if detected.

#7 Viruses Scan

Finally, Office files been attacked by viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, or trojan can also result in Office won’t open issue. if this is the case or you just suspect that, take an anti-virus software like Windows Defender and give a full scan to your machine. 

Final Words

Those are all solutions for Microsoft won’t open problem I’d like to put in this essay. It doesn’t mean there is no other ways to deal with the issue. If none of the above solution works for you, you can still search online for further ones. 

Users report that they have encountered problems opening some programs. Double-clicking on the corresponding icon, Windows displays a message stating that the software could not be found on the system.

Following these steps, the program should return to normal operation. If everything is right, just close the Registry Editor. It is possible to repeat the process as many times as necessary for all programs to return to normal. Or, just contact Microsoft support team for suggestions. Good luck!  

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