Lookalike Audience: A Great Way to Market Your Content

Market Your Content

If you want to attract a large number of people to your website, you will have to optimise the content. The more strategic you are to optimise content, the more traffic you will get to your website. You all know this fact, but a few of you achieve the desired results with content marketing. 

You all put in a considerable amount of time in generating top-notch content to feed your users, and yet you fail to get the desired results. You will likely think your content is not worth reading or your competitors are doing better than you in it. 

Well, whatever the reason, content is king, and it shapes the way your target audience thinks and feels about your product and brand. This is why you should leverage the power of your content as much as possible, and this you can do by targeting your lookalike audience. 

Whether you are generating the content in blog format or video format, you can always use it to feed your lookalike audience on Facebook to add to your customer base. Here is how it works and how you can use content marketing to reach out to your lookalike audience. 

Facebook Lookalike audience is not people in real. It is rather a segmentation tool that helps you grab those who are similar to your current customers. Facebook monitors users’ behaviour all the time, and hence it knows them better than you. 

It can identify what type of content visitors are interacting with and what kind of content they share and comment. Based on their behaviour, it can find the appropriate audience for content you have generated. Since you will be feeding the right information to the right people, a high number of leads will generate. Here is how lookalike audience is built.

Decide on the group to build a lookalike audience

Based on customers’ list, page fans, and visitors to your website, you can choose your source audience. However, you will need at least 100 people from the same country to create a lookalike audience. The more data you have, the more accurate picture you will have about your audience. 

Select the audience size

You can aim to select a large size of the audience, but this comes with a drawback that a few people will have similarities to your current audience. As the name suggests, you are aiming to reach out to those who have the same interests as your current audience. You can choose the size on a scale of 1 and 10. A smaller number means higher similarity and a larger number means higher reach. 

Select the demographics

You will select the country that you want to target. Using the Editor tool, you can set the benchmarks like age and the location of people for your lookalike audience. You can choose a specific gender too.

Once you have done all these steps, you can create add. Remember the essential points like eye-catchy title, short and crisp content, etc. However, note that the lookalike audience is not just meant for gaining the maximum output from advertisements. You can leverage the content like blog posts and videos you have already created for your current audience displaying in your website to attract more people. 

Imagine you have written various blogs on search engine optimisation and you have found that a considerable number of people are visiting a couple of blogs. As a result, you can conclude that they would want to get some information on this specific topic. Of course, they would have searched Google with terms that must have similar keywords or key phrases in the titles you created for blogs on search engine optimisation. 

Identifying the demographics and search patterns, you will immediately create a lookalike audience on Facebook so that you can reach out to more people. You will do it over and over. 

Important things to remember

There is no denying that lookalike audience can optimise your content, ads, and whittle down your customer acquisition cost, but to make it to deliver or serve the right way, you need to bear the following points in your mind:

  • Do not ignore the importance of the topic cluster. It is a way to write several blogs around one single topic. For instance, if you have decided to write on search engines, you can create a topic cluster by writing on:

  1. The complete guide to SEO?
  2. What SEO techniques you should use to boost your business
  3. Mistakes to avoid doing SEO
  4. What is the difference between SEO and SMO?

  • Your content must deliver what your audience is looking for, otherwise you will not derive any benefits from lookalike audience.

Content plays a paramount role to blow away your audience. However, you will need to build a lookalike audience to make the most of your ads and content. You all throw a lot of money at content marketing and do not shy from funding it with no guarantor loans. Of course, you would like to leverage it. All you need to do is to create the right message and spread it to the right people. 

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