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Smartphones are now one of the biggest realities of life. People tend to care much more about smartphones as compare to any other commodity. The smartphone companies know the customer’s heart and wish thus they attract them by offering newer and latest models and software day by day. Those of us who can afford this hobby of switching to the latest can satisfy them and themselves with these toys. Others are just using it to accomplish daily life routines and goals. But apart from the luxury thing, Smartphone has now become the necessity of our life. There are thousands of work tasks that can be achieved just by simple clicks all thanks to smartphones. Thus imagine a day without a smartphone and you will not be able to pass the first hour. So a complete eradication is impossible but a responsible usage of the smart devices is the need of an hour. It is necessary to make sure that we know the aftereffects of excessive usage of a smartphone and must know the methods and ways to help the future generation to minimize its usage and their dependence on these tools. 

One of the latest methods to keep an eye on the smartphone usage of the teens or the employees is by using the monitoring software or commonly known as the spy app. A monitoring software offer bundle of a feature that can help the user to monitor the digital activities of the target person. It can be used for personal use as well. For example to track the stolen device or as a huge data backup source. The android spy app that offers these features along with employee monitoring and parental control app. 

How to start monitoing secretly 

Here we will talk about the main four steps to get the application in a few seconds and start advantageous tracking. 

Step # 1: Select the required plan that should be compatible with your target on the gadget. 

Step # 2: You will get the welcome email from TheOneSpy, containing basic guidelines 

Step # 3: Download and introduce the application by following the instructions. It barely takes 3-5 minutes. 

Step # 4: Now, activities features from the user cloud account and begin with a tracking application.

In the above steps, if you feel the need for some helper/support person, you can visit the official site any time. Their support team is available 24/7 to facilitate the visitors and users with their best services.

Call History Feature:

The call history feature allows the user to know about the incoming and outgoing call history details of the target person. So know about any new entry in the target person logbook and make sure they are not a bad influence. In terms of teenage call monitoring, it is necessary to make sure that they are not in bad company or there is no bully or stalker in their call history details. The app allows the user to listen to any suspicious call recording as well. This feature can be very useful for all the parents who want to keep an eye on the call records of the teenagers.

Text Message Tracking:

The gives remote access to the text message details of the target person to the user OgyMoy records the text message data even if the target person tries to get rid of that from the device. Thus even the record gets deleted from the device, TheOneSpy will keep the record for the user. So know about the text message conversation of your teenager and make sure that there is no bully or use of abusive language in the text messages of the teenagers.

Have Remote Access To The Photo Gallery:

Another important feature offered by the app is giving access to the photo and video gallery of the target person. Thus parents can know about what kind of media, image, or videos files have been captured, shared, or downloaded in the teenage smartphone. In this way, any kind of malicious content will be flagged out by the TheOneSpy for the parents and thus they can take timely action to stop the act.

Manage The Contact List:

The app allows the user to have remote access to the contact list of the target person device. Thus keep an eye on the contact list of your teenage kid and manage it remotely with the help of phone tracking features. User can add or delete any contact with much ease. 

The spy app offers Mac and computer monitoring version as well to monitor the laptop or tablet activities of the target person. Thus along with the android spy app user can avail of the Mac and iPhone tracking app version as well to keep an eye on the teens or the employee's activities etc. The installation process is very simple and easy thus select the package of TheOneSpy  app and get it installed by following easy steps.

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