Are custom hemp oil boxes compostable?

The waste material in the landfills is increasing with each passing day, which is impacting the environment stability negatively. With the increased use of hemp boxes in various parts of the world, it is right to be concerned about their environmental impact. Many of you would probably know the fact that these boxes are recyclable, but you might wonder, are they compostable as well? Yes, as you can compost the hemp packages easily. Learn about the compostable nature of these packages and their multiple different benefits. 

What is compostable packaging?

Recycled materials are the primary constituents of the compostable packaging. This kind of packaging break away easily into pieces and can be disposed of in a friendly manner as compared to plastic. It requires certain environmental conditions for disposing of. When these conditions are met, the compostable packaging will return to the Earth as the soil in a period of mere 6 months. It offers various advantages as well as it requires less carbon in production. 

Not only that, but it also helps in the reduction of wastes on the landfills and enriches the soil with nutrients. So, any company committed to reducing its carbon footprint and concerned with rising global temperatures can use compostable packaging. The following criteria are used to check whether the packaging is compostable or not:

  • Biodegradability: The packaging must break into carbon dioxide, water, and minerals. At least 90% of the packaging must break down by biological action within 180 days.
  • Disintegrability: Within 12 weeks, the material must break down into 2mm size pieces. 

Difference between compostable and biodegradable:

The compostable and biodegradable packages are similar in some characteristics, but there are some notable differences as well. “All compostable packages are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable packages are compostable.” The compostable hemp box does not produce any toxins when it deteriorates. This type of box has a specific duration in which it will break down, i.e., within 180 days. While on the other hand, the biodegradable boxes do not have a set time frame of decomposition. 

When the compostable custom hemp boxes break down, they release some valuable nutrients into the soil, which ultimately results in the growth of plants and trees. In contrast, biodegradable packages are not always good for the environment. The plastic containers can decompose into small pieces over a certain period, but they are still disastrous for the ecosystem. The compostable hemp packages are made from organic materials and are good for the environment. 


Are hemp oil packages compostable?

An important aspect of being compostable is that the boxes should break down in six months. The hemp oil boxes are compostable as they break down at this time. These packages also do not leave any residue or toxins behind and enrich the soil with some nutrients. The hemp oil packages are mostly made from paper or cardboard. 

Because these materials are obtained through natural wood pulp so the packages made from such material can be easily reintegrated back into the Earth, it is easy to compost these packages by mixing them with your already existing compost system such as compost bins. In worm-based vermicompost (the process in which worms are used to convert organic materials into humus-like material), the hemp packages can be composted easily by moistening them. 

Depending on climate change, the hemp oil boxes can be decomposed in a few months. Sometimes, they might have some plastic-lined stickers or labels on them. Make sure to remove these before composting hemp packages. 

Benefits of compostable hemp oil packaging:

One of the fundamental benefits of compostable hemp packaging is that it utilizes less carbon for the decomposition process. Lesser carbon emitted in the atmosphere means that the impact of your business on the environment can be reduced. Unlike traditional packaging, the hemp packages do not keep on lying on the landfills and contribute to lowering the overall waste in the landfills. 

They can be decomposed easily at a much rapid pace and do not contaminate the water bodies. Not only the water pollution, but they also contribute to lowering the air and soil pollution. After decomposing, they turn into nutrients that are essential for the effective growth of the trees and plants. They are made of natural materials such as cardboard, which is non-toxic and free of allergens. 

The hemp boxes are highly compostable. These boxes decompose within reduced times and are good for the environment. The companies which choose these types of boxes for their hemp oil items can stay ahead of all their competitors. As the consumers have turned highly conscious about the environment, utilizing these packages can prove highly beneficial for your business.

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