How to Make an App in 2021

If you are an app developer weather Android app developer or iOS app developers or wanna to be an app developer. Sometimes I gots many questions related to how to make an App or how can I make an application. Many students ask me this question. 

There are many other third party applications by using them you can create your own app for android or iOS. 

If you are curious about the app making process or how to make an app but you are not sure from where to start then this guide will definitely help you out.

Here in this guide I’am going to give you a comprehensive step by step guide from scratch idea to the final execution. To make the things clear and easy for you, feel free to jump around your goals.

  • Get an inspiration from other apps in the market for an idea for your own app
  • How to validate your application idea is good one
  • How to further flash your idea 
  • Ways to built and implement your app idea
  • Tips and advice to get your app be noticed by others

Sounds good! So let’s get started

How to make an App for Beginners in 10 Simple Steps

Generate an idea for the app

If you already have an idea of the app you want to build then you can start the further process easily. Or simply you can create a photo editing app for android or iOS. There are lots of basic ideas to create an app.

If you are still working on an idea for an app. I have got a handful of really good techniques to help you come up with this problem.

First thing which you should keep in your mind that there is rarely a completely new idea that is born from nothing. It is very hard to find a fresh new concept and idea because there are already thousands of applications available on google play store and on app store.

So I will recommend taking inspiration from the famous apps and creating your own with other features and tweaking it.

There are over 4 millions applications in the Google play store and app store combined according to a data by Trendrays.

Most of the ideas are taken and combined from the old existing ideas or we can say that they are modified.

There are some techniques of generating app ideas

Technique 1 -The remix technique

As the name suggests that remix you have to think wisely and mix the features, functioning and ideas of the existing ones. One way to come up with a new and great app idea is to twist an existing idea and represent it in your own form.

For example words with friends a popular smartphone or mobile game from Zynga is basically scrabble but online with social and multiplayer features that makes it easy to play a long game in your free time.

Technique 2 - Scratch your own itch

I love this technique personally because many times the simplest ideas generate or provide great and effective results. Simple ideas sometimes play an important role because many times we ignore the simple things which are in front of our eyes.

The simple ideas rarely come out from the brain for app ideas so it's better to think simply first. 

Instead they are born from a problem that you face everyday in your daily life. There are many chances that if you have this problem then others will have it and if you can solve that problem with an app that's great.

Step 2 - Do Some Market Research

Market research and competitor analysis is very important in every field if you are creating a simple app or doing business or whatever market research is very important so do it.

Don’t be disheartened if you see other applications in the google play store or app store that are already solving the same problem that your app does.

Always remember what I said earlier there are no new ideas and there is always room for improvements in the existing ideas and you are doing the same thing.

Actually this can be a very good thing because that tells you that your app idea is viable and there are people who need this type of app.

Step 3 - Write the features of your App

Sky's the limit. It is a lot of fun because you dreamed about the app and now you have to add features and functions in your app. Your app version will  undoubtedly evolve and change the actual user experience and feedback and testing.

Write down all the features about your app in a paper.

Step 4 - Make design mockups of your App

Design the UI of your app which should be easy to use and attractive as well. But always remember that don’t use any dark colors or irritating colors in your app UI. Keep the design and colors professional. 

Step 5 - Create your App graphic design

Now it's time to show some creativity and your graphic designing skills. It's time to bring your app to life visually by designing its graphics. It will show you how your app will look like for practical use.

Step 6 - Put an app marketing plan

If you will not do marketing of your app then how it will be visible to other peoples or a larger audience. You can use paid campaigns to promote your app through social media. 

Social media is the best way to promote your app because there is a larger audience there specially on Instagram. Instagram is the biggest and trending social media platform nowadays.

Marketing will give a huge boost to your app downloads specially from Instagram and google ads as well.

Step 7 - Publish your app to google play store or app store

Publishing apps on google play store or app store is compulsory if you will not do it so how peoples will download your app and how you will reach peoples.

Publishing apps on google play store and app store costs you some fee 25$ on google play store and 100$ I think is on app store.

So it's cheap to publish your app on play store but there is much competition in android apps due to a large number of users of android as compared to iOS.

So it's better to create an android app.

So this was the complete step by step guide on how to make an app in 2021 in easy steps.

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