RAS Corporate Advisors are a renowned team of professionals and experts who provide their clients with the best trust and foundation services for any kind of business setup in the UAE free zone. We ensure that your private wealth management is made simpler by establishing a base and trusting RAS corporate advisors. Our team of seasoned and skilled consultants and specialists will give priority to customer satisfaction, which is why they will ensure that your wealth is properly arranged and navigated in all applicable forms of business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone. Our facilities will professionally provide you with the widest range of corporate services in a way that you will not be able to obtain anywhere. If you are looking for longer-term asset keeping options or want to opt for flexible private wealth management services, RAS corporate advisors have provided you with our broad range of competent facilities for business setup in the UAE free zone.

In order to enhance the business security and succession planning of your acquired capital for business setup in UAE free zone, our experts will help you to create a trust for the most lucid business setup in UAE free zone to help you prepare a solid future for your loved ones. In addition, we also provide corporate structuring, charitable and non-charitable issues, and advice to set up a firm base in the UAE with the most compliant and satisfactory services you can get your hands on.

1.     The advantages you can obtain by opting to have RAS corporate advisors as your consultants

·       -Compliant and specialist facilities for the best business setup in UAE free zone

·       -Expert teams and strict codes of ethics on confidentiality to maintain your privacy in the most professional manner

·       -Full guidance and assistance for business setup in UAE free zone including advice on liquidation, proper company formation, legal and advisory services that are renowned in town

·       -Proper competent legal advice tailored to your so you can get the best facilities providing ease for you with our lucid services

·       -Full information on legislation and regulations compliant with laws and regulations that are pertinent to your company in the UAE


2.     The road you will opt for with RAS corporate advisors for the best trust and foundation facilities in the UAE

-Consultation – our extensive business setup in Dubai, UAE free zone services will provide you with tailored facilities with the best advice on all legal issues related to confidence and foundation development that is permitted by DIFC and ADGM in terms of:


·       Foundation as an NGO

·       Foundation as a social club

·       Foundation as an association

·       Charitable trust for your company

·       Non-charitable trust

·       Express trust customized for your company

·       Protective trust for your business


-Compliances with laws and regulations in the UAE– after your consultation, our experts will assist you in all the requisite procedures for the -d all other matters relevant to all the necessary requirements for business setup in UAE free zone

-Documentation and filing with all requirements fulfilled – our technical experts will further assist you with all required and related documentation and filings relevant to the creation of your confidence and foundation. We will ensure that you are in sync with all government agencies involved to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. This will ensure that your company does not come into any kind of problem with the government. In addition to this, our team will make sure that all your documentation needs are met in the most professional manner. You will be fully facilitated with the most lucid and compliant information to always keep you in the light and facilitate a hands on approach for you in your company.


So, if you're looking for competent and specialist trust and foundation services in Dubai, then RAS corporate advisors will ensure that your experience with our professional teams is optimized. Our experienced team of experts and service providers will make sure you get the best services in the region! Please contact us for more information and assistance on the wide range of services that are provided nowhere except RAS corporate advisors.



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