Having the right luxury amenities for Audi car services from a reputable car service center is a challenging job. Locating the best car service provider is time-intensive and can therefore be costly. This is why the GT Auto Center is precisely where you can trust your vehicle. We have the best suppliers of Audi car services for the most luxurious and high maintenance vehicles in Dubai. We're right in the center of the city of Al Quoz, so you'll have no trouble locating us. For all your luxury and precision vehicles, let's take a look at the professional automotive services offered by GT Auto Center:

  • General Car Service
  • General maintenance and repair for Audi car services
  • Scanning and diagnostics
  • Inspection when buying a 2nd hand
  • Brake services
  • Car suspension
  • Body Work & Paint
  • Car AC service
  • Oil change

·        Battery replacement plus additional Audi car services


1. Audi

Keeping high-end cars such as Audi in the most specific way is critical, which is why the specialists at the GT auto center and its fully equipped body shop are ready to handle your Audi in the best way possible with a high-quality Audi car services.

2. BMW

BMW is a precision car and you cannot take it to every car service center, which is the specialized mechanics of the GT auto center, to ensure that your car is equipped with the finest premium repair and maintenance facilities.


3. Ford

Ford is a car made in the West, and this suits well with our experience. The maintenance and facilities provided are clearly the finest and the most professional for your Ford at our car service center. The well-equipped body shop provides all the finest materials that do not sacrifice the appearance of your vehicle.

4. Jaguar

Another high-end car, the Jaguar, deserves the same treatment. This is why the staff from the GT Auto Center can make sure your car is in safe hands. We provide the best repairs, servicing, vehicle electrical work, and much more for each car service, all at the best prices.

5. Mercedes

Mercedes are precision vehicles that are unable to cope with subpar amenities, so you can select GT auto center as your supplier for the finest and most advanced car services and maintenance.

6. Landrover

Land rovers are very high maintenance cars, which is why it needs a luxury car service provider such as GT auto center. Our mechanical personnel can ensure that the car arrives in the highest condition and provides the best treatment.

7. Maserati

Another high-precision vehicle that requires services of high-end efficiency. That's why GT Auto Center offers you the best of the best car servicing and maintenance in the region.

8. Nissan

There is nothing like a well-maintained Nissan, so as a knowledgeable supplier of automotive services, GT Auto Center is the perfect choice for you if you want your car in the best way possible.

We also have the best options for high-precision automobiles such as Porsche, Toyota, Volvo, and Bentley for these engines, so visit our car service center for more information on Audi car services and more! 

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