Trading CFDs and Stocks: 3 Ways to Pinpoint Spot Market Manipulation

Trading CFDs is a versatile field because it exposes you to various markets. Despite CFDs the advantage for hedging  and diversification, this instrument's flexibility brings you to an avenue where you could meet several types of people. Socializing and being acquainted to a bunch of traders may be advantageous for linkage and connections but when fraudulence or scams comes in, the established relationship between one trader to another may be affected. Thus, it is advantageous to immediately spot potential frauds before things become too late to solve.

Market Manipulation

The art of making someone believe that a particular asset has undergone a change of rate in order to gain more money. This is a form of scam and it can be reported to authorities so as to give necessary sanctions for the fraudulence.

Common Market Manipulation Strategies

1.Wash  Trade

Such scam is usually made by bigtime influencers or traders. They make you believe that a particular stock is actively moving in the market so that you will invest your money with them. Be very careful because falling in this trap could mean a dead end. The stocks that they advertise no matter how much they seem active aren't really profitable because the increased market movement is not done by multiple individuals or investors but a single person.

2. Tape Painting

This scheme gives the illusion that there is a lot of trading activity going on, when in reality only a few wily people are actually trading. Because of the rapid movement in the market which is brought by the connivance of the group of scammers, unknowledgeable traders and novices will get interested with the asset and fall into a den by purchasing it at a much higher rate than the usual.

3.Poop and Scoop

If the two scams on the list concerns price increase, this trick involves social media influencers who spread false pieces of information about a company to cause a fall in market rates. If this happens, the ones who ruined the company's name are given a chance to take advantage of owning certain shares from a company by purchasing it from the market at a very low rate.

3. Pump and Dump

This also concerns market rate movement that is caused by false breaking news in order to gain attention from potential investors. Once bought, the stocks and the investor get dumped because the company itself is never performing as expected.

Nuggets of Wisdom when Trading

Keep in mind that day traders and short term sellers who are into trading CFDs and other financial instruments are vulnerable to these kinds of market manipulations. In order to avoid being victimized, it pays good when you seek advice from experienced and trusted financial advisors who can give you honest pieces of advice on the types of stocks which should be included in your trading list.

It also pays to read and research on various companies and brokerages' backgrounds to make sure that you are dealing with the right people.

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