Best 9 Child Tracker and Spy App for Android

How to ensure your kid's safety in this alarming digital age? The answer is best parental control apps for Android to keep an eye on their online pursuits.

With the advancing technology, it's growing more and harder to provide the kids with a regular, ‘gadget-free' childhood. Meanwhile, it's a requirement to make them conscious of the risks associated with overexposure to the world wide web.

Finally, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure their kids spend a minimum time on displays and focus more on the essential tasks. Let us find the best Child Phone Tracking Apps for Android to assist parents in carrying out this obligation.

TheWiSpy Parental Control Program - Spy App for Android

TheWiSpy is one of the best child phone tracking programs for Android, which is very straightforward and technologically complex.

The program allows parents to block objectionable and addictive programs.

You can schedule your kids' bedtime and access to other apps, helping them follow a proper routine.

It allows parents to assign selected apps on the children's home screens, making them more personalized.

It allows you to make a Geofence - virtual boundary around your kid, and you'll receive immediate notification when they cross it.

Your child can send you a fear alert in an emergency, and you can rescue them.

If your kid's phone is missing or gets stolen, you can find it using this program.

Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny is a beautiful child phone tracking program, which has excellent design and excellent web filters.

It may track your child's place, display their location background, and set time allowances and schedules.

This Spy App for Android enables you to block all those programs that you find inappropriate for the child.

You obtain immediate reporting of Internet searches and upgrades on the programs they use.

If your child views some of the unsuitable/violent content, then you receive an immediate alert.

It also provides you educational insights and descriptions from experts about setup and trending apps.

Norton Family Premier

This app allows you to quickly get into your kid's device's positioning without making them aware of it.

This excellent app provides you location-tracking, time-scheduling, web-filtering, and monitoring of your child's online activities.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a free kid phone tracker app, which allows you to monitor your child's location.

It is also possible to access their messages, telephone logs.

It allows you to block the sites.


This excellent kid Spy App for Android allows you to set screen time constraints and track web/YouTube tasks on a youngster's device.

It allows you to block adult content.

You receive activity reports daily.

By setting limits in their apps and games, you can control your kid's smartphone addiction.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

This Spy App for Android allows you to monitor and block kid's calls, monitor SMS.

You can find your son or daughter on the map, and they're able to press the SOS button to let you know that they are in danger.

ESET parental control app

ESET parental control app for Android lets you locate your child at any stage of the time remotely.

It displays suitable apps for your children based on the Google Play content rating.

You can set maximum usage time for the specified day or stop your child's access to specific categories during college or bedtime.

This program enables you to oversee the apps your child uses without blocking access to them.

You are an excellent GPS tracker so that you can find your child's location.

Family Locator -- GPS Tracker

This program has an exclusive and personal station called Family Messenger, which offers all household members to send and receive text messages.

You'll receive a notification if your children are crossing the speed limit that you have assigned.

It sends you an alert when they arrive in college, home, or other places you have decided on the household map.

Secure Teen Parental Control App

Secure Teen Parental Control App helps you command your kids' screen time so they can find more time for those activities that matter.

This Spy App for Android lets you filter out all of the malicious material to help your children enjoy all the good that the net has to offer.

It's possible to set a time limit to your child's screen time and maintain a check on their own online presence 24/7.

It enables you to track all text messages sent and received and the call details on your child's phone.

You can track all Facebook tasks and receive alerts for questionable friends and posts.



Use spy appfor android to track your kid's location to ensure their safety.

The very best parental control programs can allow you to monitor your children, see whom they're conveying, prevent them from seeing objectionable or harmful websites. In turn, it will help children understand the limits while preventing them from viewing unsuitable content.

Be a contemporary parent, take advantage of this technology, and utilize the best kid monitoring app to fasten your kid from the net dangers.

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