Brilliant Color Schemes to Enhance the Beauty of Your Bedroom Walls

A bedroom is your personal bolthole that talks about your mood and style. Just like other rooms, the color on your bedroom walls can have an impact on your restful night's sleep. Choosing the right shade for your bedroom walls depends on what you want the room to reflect – is it a new color trend you want to tap in? Or you want to just add a dash of color to the otherwise white muted walls? Whatever may be the case, below are some bedroom paint ideas that can inspire you to upgrade your bedroom style.

1. Soft Pastel Hues – Pastel colors for your bedroom walls are a popular choice by many. The shades are soft, restful, and soothing to the eyes and can be teamed with wooden, metallic, or even white upholstery. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the pastel colors in the same room, lilac and peppermint green make a beautiful combination while pastel shades of purple and yellow look exuberant. Pastel colors make your room look spacious and bright, team this with contrasting, bold fabric to make a style statement. For smooth finishing of the walls choose the best interior paint in India because the quality of the paint matters, and it is not every day that you renovate your room.
2. Indigo and White – Indigo belongs to the family of blue and is a rich, warm color. Deep Indigo blue walls teamed with white bedroom d├ęcor make the room look neat, crisp, and sharp. For a more contrasting effect, you can combine it with burnt orange furniture. Pair the Indigo walls with a bright red rug, curtains, and bed linen for a striking, modern look.
3. Gray and Yellow Combination- Gray and yellow glide like butter on your toast! They make a perfect combination if you want to add the right dash of bright color to your bedroom. It’s a hot combo that a lot of homeowners are swearing by. You can create a statement wall of bright pineapple yellow standing amidst the charcoal gray walls. Alternatively, paint your walls with smoke gray and accessorize the room with a bright yellow sofa, pillows, and rug.
4. Turquoise and Coral Color Palette – People are crushing on turquoise and it is the current most favorite for the bedroom walls. Render a dreamy getaway look to your bedroom by combining turquoise with coral pink, peach, and orange. Turquoise looks good on anything and everything, either you can paint the walls turquoise and complement it with coral pink sheets and blinds, or you can go all white on the walls and accentuate the room with turquoise statement furniture, or linen. For those who like to go bold out and out, try pairing turquoise with purple. Both the colors are dark, warm, and deeply pigmented making your room look like a canvas of an artist. Add gold accessories to create a dramatic 70’s look to the toom.
5. Aqua Blue and Orange - These colors may not have taken your initial consideration, but take a closer look at this combination. You will notice that this combination is fun, friendly and can give an instant perky look to your dull walls. Orange is a versatile color that personifies enthusiasm, encouragement, and determination. While aqua blue is opposite to orange on the color wheel, it renders the room with calm, soothing, and relaxing factors.
Above are the trendy combinations for your bedroom walls, however, don’t confine yourself to these, there are limitless options you can explore from.

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