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Two years back, I visited the Roof of the World – Nepal. I have heard a lot about this place so it was always on my wish-list. And finally, the day arrived in 2019, when it fulfilled my dream. However, the journey was not that easy for me because I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and not so many options were there to fly from this place to my dream destination. And then I got to know about Air India. Even though it is a popular option, the fare was slightly higher than my budget. So, I decided to visit the Air India office Jeddah to know the best options available as per my budget. 

During this process, I also came across the Airlines Buddy – a well-known online flight booking platform. On this platform, I got to know about their latest offer of 30% off on all flight bookings. To validate things, I called on the Air India Jeddah contact number. They also gave thumbs up to this platform. So, I booked my tickets without wasting a single moment. Anyone who is planning to fly to Kathmandu from Jeddah must book their flight tickets in Air India through the Airlines Buddy to save more. 

Places to See in Kathmandu, Nepal

I love Kathmandu because it is a place perfect for all types of travelers. Whether you are a wildlife lover or adventure lover, you will enjoy it equally here. Since I am quite a spiritual person, I had the best time here. If you are visiting Kathmandu to spend some quality time, then you should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the following places: 

1.       Temple Walk

When you want to experience a unique cultural affair along with an opportunity to observe something totally new, you must take a long temple walk. There are so many beautiful Hindu temples with magnificent architecture. These temples are such a superb place to have an extraordinary social as well as religious experience. 

2.       The Great Durbar Square

This place is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is one of the most popular and most-visited travel destinations in Nepal. It is said that this place endured the worst ever earthquake of 2015. This Great Durbar Square is best-known for its breathtaking inheritance of conventional engineering and architecture. 

3.       Chhauni Museum

Situated near the famous Swayambhunath Temple, this Chhauni Museum is recognized as the most fascinating treasures. There is a Judda Art Gallery which has a fine collection of terracotta, stone, earthenware, and metal statues of various Nepali Gods. If you are here with your family, then you should visit this wonderful place at least once. 

4.       Royal Botanical Gardens

This place can really be swarmed during different seasons. Here, you can get a tropical house, orchid house, and a cactus house. You can also witness giant greenery of Nepali variety. If you are a nature love just like me, then you should visit this place to see some amazing plants, flora and fauna. 

5.       Chitwan National Park

It is one of the most popular and top-visited tourist attractions located near Kathmandu. This place is famous for the various types of birds, reptiles, water animals, and mammals. You must take a quick safari to see these animals along with one-horned Asian Rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, Pythons, Deer, Elephants, etc. 

Besides these places, you can go to the Helambu, Shivpuri, Phulchowki, Langtang National Park, Nagarkot, etc. to have a diversified yet memorable experience. However, you should connect with the Air India Jeddah office contact number and book your tickets through the Airlines Buddy to save more on your next trip.

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