How can a Police brutality lawyer help you?

Police brutality lawyer

The police are there to protect us, we are supposed to feel safe and secure when they are around us. However, there are so many incidents of police brutality that make people especially minorities and other vulnerable groups feel scared and insecure.

Whether you’re a US citizen or not you have rights that protect you against any form of misconduct or harassment. Fight for your justice by taking legal help from a professional police brutality attorney in California.

People trust police officers to keep them safe and cause unnecessary harm. The constitution has given rights to every individual, even if a person is being arrested for a crime he has certain rights which the police is supposed to honor. Every person has the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure and to not be subjected to unreasonable force during an arrest.

Unfortunately, there are many instances when police officers have used unnecessary and unreasonable force while placing someone under arrest. Sometimes, this kind of unreasonable force is intentional and sometimes it is due to an error in judgment.

Whatever may be the reason, unreasonable force is a violation of constitutional rights and can be termed as a form of police brutality. If you or your family member has been a victim of Police Brutality you can take guidance and help from specialized Police brutality lawyers, who can represent you and ensure you get justice.

What is Police Brutality?

Police brutality refers to the violation of human rights by law enforcement officers. In America, police brutality is considered to be a violation of civil rights violation where police officers use undue or excessive force against a person. Police brutality may include beatings, unlawful killings, torture, intimidation, illegal search and seizure etc.

Some of the forms of Police Brutality are:
• Beating with batons
• Wrongful search and seizure
• Malicious prosecution
• Racial Discrimination
• Sexual abuse or Assault
• False arrest
• Wrongful imprisonment or detainment
• Denial of medical care
• Improper takedowns
• Gun Usage

Can you file a lawsuit against the police? What can you sue the police for?

Yes, if the police have violated your rights or caused you unnecessary harm, you can file a lawsuit against the police. Fighting police brutality and suing the police for misconduct is a way to hold the police responsible for the wrong they did. It is advisable to hire a police brutality lawyer who is aware of the law and can represent you against the police in a court of law.

When police officers or law enforcement officers use excessive force or make a false arrest, they violate the civil rights of the person, along with the state and federal Constitutional rights. As a victim of police brutality, the person can file a claim and sue the police for misconduct under state and federal law.

Different types of claims can be filed depending on the type of offense or misconduct; most of the cases of police brutality are filed under Section 1983 of the federal Civil Rights Act. Claims filed under Section 1983 need to be handled differently as compared to the traditional personal injury claims.

According to federal law, a claim under section 1983 needs to be filed in federal court. Specific procedures and requirements are set out for cases filed under Section 1983. Therefore it is important to hire a specialized police brutality lawyer who has specific experience of handling this type of case.

Fighting police brutality is not easy, the recourse for your claim will be determined by what happened and the harm and losses suffered by you due to the incident.

Fighting Police Brutality - Take action

Studies show that incidents of police brutality are on the rise. Around 6,000 incidences of police brutality were reported and more than $347 million were paid in related settlements in just one year. Police officers may be responsible for the enforcement of the law, but as per the constitution, nobody is above the law.

If a police officer uses excessive force, makes a false arrest, racially abuses, or sexually assaults someone, they should be held accountable. Do not let misconduct or unacceptable behavior from a police officer destroy your life.