How to choose the best wig for me?


Many people use wigs, not only for aesthetic reasons (fine hair, the need to add volume or make-up changes) but also for medical reasons (natural or chemotherapy-induced baldness).

In one way or another, to be able to choose a wig according to each person it is necessary to know the types of wigs that are on the market, and follow a few simple steps.

Depending on the area they cover, they can be total (they cover the entire head), stockings (ideal for adhering to the hair, mixing with it, to give volume, (or in certain types of styles) and hairpieces.

The former tend to be placed faster, are cheaper, and are generally more widely available.

They can be synthetic or natural hair or real hair. Logically, the latter are the most natural, and unlike synthetic, they must be combed every time they are washed. Synthetic wigs can be monofilament, which gives a more realistic look, or classic, which is more affordable.

Advantages of a natural hair wig

·         They act (almost) the same as your own hair

Human hair wigs are made from natural hair that has been collected manually, cutting it directly into a ponytail to ensure that all hair are in the same direction (both ends and roots). This is what we mean when we talk about 100% Remy natural hair wigs.

·         It is 100% natural hair.

Therefore, it behaves the same as our own hair. With the only difference that it does not receive the natural nutrients from our scalp.

·         You can modify the hairstyle and color

One day you can wear your curly wig, the next day you can iron your wig and leave it straight ... and if you want to change your look, your hairdresser can dye it.

You can give it the style you want. They are fully customizable.

·         They are very natural

This is perhaps the characteristic for which natural hair wigs stand out the most. The natural hair wig feels like your own hair. In the end it is natural hair and the feel, the fall and the touch are different from that of a synthetic hair wig. It is likely until you feel that it adapts better to the features of your face.

In fact, it is difficult to identify whether a person is wearing a wig when it is made from natural hair.

Regardless of the fact that synthetic hair wigs are totally undetectable (and even more so if they teach you how to place them in a specialized center), it is true that natural hair wigs are even more natural.

·         You can choose long hair wig

If you have long hair and you want to continue maintaining it, with a natural hair wig you will find practically the same experience.

The rubbing does not deteriorate them as much as it happens with the fiber. However, you must follow some maintenance guidelines so that it is always like the first day.

·         They can last longer

The wigs natural hair last longer over time. We have had clients that have lasted for over a year!

It all depends on how well you maintain, but they are definitely stronger than a synthetic wig. We insist: as long as you do good maintenance.

Tricks and tips

If you buy two equal natural hair wigs at the same time, you can intersperse them and if you perform correct maintenance on both, they will last a long time

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