The Comprehensive Guide to Live Stream Shopping


2020 was a different year, people were forced to stay indoors, retail stores were kept shut for most of the parts of the world, therefore to shop safely and conveniently consumers opted out for online shopping as their only option. This sudden increase in online traffic led to the success of e-commerce platforms.

Earlier, going shopping required a lot of effort and all of these changed with live shopping. You can order your things right away, still staying at the comfort of your home and witnessing a much satisfying customer experience.

As this pandemic continues, live commerce has become the only resort for retailers and an ultimate solution to procure things for those who are confined inside their homes.

What Is Live stream Shopping?

Live streaming shopping is one of the top emerging shopping trends that involve live selling of products or services. It allows consumers to buy products directly for a live stream show. This feature offers consumers a more engaging and interactive live shopping online experience, unlike normal online shopping where you just scroll, click and buy.

It is a new and improved way of shopping as it brings joy and excitement, and fosters buyer-seller relationships which are sort of impossible during traditional online shopping.

While shopping, a customer can have a lot of questions and with live shopping, a customer can put across all his/her queries in live chat or by directly interacting with a seller in real-time and this leads to building the trust of customers.

Additionally, shoppers can ask questions about products being showcased, request to see the inside or different angles of certain items, ask about size or feel. This type of interaction between both a customer and a host helps in offering a dynamic shopping environment.

Thus many brands have just begun to integrate live shopping solutions into their existing platforms. These apps are helping to bridge the gap between a consumer and a brand.

The Right Influencer Matters

A brand pays a lot to an influencer host of a live show, so choosing the right influencer to invest in is the most crucial and important aspect for a brand.

A brand should opt for an influencer that has genuine followers leading to higher engagement rates.

Video commerce is continuously evolving similar to the influence marketing industry and the micro-influencers are very much in demand and required. And for good reason, these micro-influencers help brands to boost customer engagement than a normal event. This is just because these influencers have their relationships with audiences cultivated over some time and these customers start trusting a brand or products they promote during a live show.

One needs this kind of connection and authenticity when they are selling and doing business online without being physically available in front of audiences.

Hard Work and ROI

A successful live selling show provides higher engagement rates, but putting a great event takes a lot. To maintain viewers on your stream you always need good quality content that feels personal and relatable to viewers.

When influencers get involved in hours of research on products they create the best content. And also sometimes when they reach out to customers individually during a live show boosts engagement.

All of this hard work is done so that audiences do not get bored and are maintained throughout a live show. This helps to drive audiences towards a product and a brand which ultimately results in great ROI for a brand.


To host a perfect live stream show and make your brand a success in the market you need to follow the above-mentioned guidelines. can help you leverage Live Commerce and reach new audiences. Live Shopping Solution can be a great opportunity for you to increase brand awareness. It can vastly expand your online visibility leading to more sales.

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