Flex Printing Machine and its Benefits


Flex Printing Machine from Colorjet provides a full solution for all your printing needs. From their unique strategies and powerful end results to how they are protecting and preserving the environment at large. They offer global buyers a full resource for their printing needs including high-quality Flex Printing Machine, affordable Flex Printer.

There are many reasons why you need to get the latest price on banner printing machine. If you think that going for new model printing machines might be a good idea but you do not have cash to get them. Do not get stuck in this situation. Flex is here to solve this issue for you. Flex printing machine is an industry leader when it comes to making printing machines that meet your specific printing needs.

Whether you are looking to cover a wide area or get an accurate per job, Flex offers you a unique solution. For example, if you need to print banners for your company and want to give your potential customers the best representation of your brand, you will definitely like the features of the Neptune Plus. The company which offers you this unique product has been making high-quality products for years now. These days, the newest generations of its products have more advanced technology which can really meet the printing needs of its customers. At the same time, you will also be able to save more. Here is the look down on its features:

Advanced Features. When it comes to printing products, customers expect to get high-quality printing machines which can offer the best results when it comes to large volumes of jobs or providing accurate color representation. However, with the Novajet Flex Printing Machine, customers can expect to receive this and much more. It offers the following features: advanced features, easy operation and quality performance, low-cost setup, easy to use and low maintenance cost, fast start-up and durability, and many more. In addition, this unique machine also has the following benefits:

Quality Performance. The rhino eight head flex printing machine has an exclusive in-house technique. It uses this high-performance method which allows it to deliver flawless results right on the paper. Furthermore, the company believes that this is the only method which uses direct dye sublimation technique for the inks which can produce vibrant, true-to-life and fully-ranging colors. Therefore, you will get the vivid and rich colors that you need for your products.

Heating System. The rhino eight head can be heated using the patented Fast Heat Transfer (FHS) process, which delivers bright, full-color images as well as improved texture for thicker materials. You will get the vivid and rich images right on the paper. And since the heat transfer method is patented, you will get the latest price and value from it.

High-Performance Banner Printing. The full heating panel system is developed in order to deliver the best printing results even if the banner printing machine is running at full speed. It is able to maintain optimal performance even under the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

The revolutionary technology which utilizes the full heating panel system for stable printing operation is responsible for the full functionality of this amazing printer. This innovative technique makes use of the high-performance ceramic coated steel feeders which are developed to prevent wear. With the high-quality printed banners, customers can be assured that they get the best value for their money. It also uses a digital ink cartridge system for high quality printouts.

One of the most innovative features of the Neptune Plus is its machine-mounted stamping system. This innovative feature makes full use of the available space to stamp in various shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. This Neptune Plus can be used in numerous printing applications, including bumper sticker printing, business cards, apparel labels, and many more. And since Neptune Plus is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage, it is an ideal choice for banner, poster, and floor printing projects.

Neptune Plus. The Neptune Plus is known for its high quality printouts. And since it is incorporated with automatic temperature optimization and full heat leveling abilities, it can even print in full color, using CMYK technology. The machine has an integrated memory that stores digital images in its hard drive. This machine has an efficient scanning function that eliminates the need for additional software downloads. It also has an integrated printing head that eliminates the need for supports or heat mounts.


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