8 reasons you should definitely buy a leather coat

man wearing black leather biker jacket


Well-designed, high-quality clothes are somewhat similar to an investment, and leather jackets are the primary examples. The classic leather coats are not only striking, but they are also perennially in fashion. Regardless of the latest collections dropping every year, these statement pieces always take precedence over the generic outwear in terms of style, longevity, and often quality.

Here is why we think a leather jacket is a fashion essential in every gentleman's wardrobe: 

A timeless classic

The fashion industry is continuously evolving, rendering the last year's "trendy" items redundant and out-of-date. Leather jackets are quintessential fashionable pieces, which have held their sartorial integrity steady over many years. 

Since their origin in the early 1900s, leather coats have maintained their appeal and charisma. There have been a few changes in the design elements over the years, such as the replacement of cumbersome buttons with daring zips, as well as an increase in the color variety. However, the core design is mostly unchanged and considered the epitome of style.  

Elevates your style

Leather jackets no longer carry the connotation of rebellion, aloofness, or allegiance to a specific community. They have progressed as a staple of urban culture, outlining a refined sense of style. They also have the impressive flexibility to add a touch of class and effortless style to any outfit. If you are unsure of your look or feel that it lacks personality, add a classic black leather jacket to complete your overlook attire. 

Moreover, the classy jacket is often the standout item of your look. It does not require any additional accessories to channel its sublimity. This makes the entire process of getting ready for the day seamless and uncomplicated. As long as you choose a jacket that is the right fit and suits your body shape, you do not need a lot of effort to look good.     

Finally, while black works splendidly for a more relaxed appearance, a brown mens leather coat is what you need for a romantic dinner date or a more formal outing. When you want to dress to impress, leather jackets can impart the necessary ruggedness and attitude to your overall attire.  

Unlimited styles and colors

Leather jackets are no longer restrained to the earthy tones. While the muted colors still hold their unique charm, a variety of vibrant hues entail that you can opt for a color that suits you the best. Animated shades like reds and yellows make sure that you stand out of the crowd, while blues and whites are more understated yet still incredibly hip.

Similarly, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to styles. You can pick a biker jacket with an asymmetric zipper and snap-down lapels or the racer with its more refined design and inconspicuous detailing. While the bombers with knit cuffs, around the waist and wrist, and front pockets are more functional, the blazers offer a streamlined design. 

Protects against the elements

One of the most apparent reasons for investing in a leather jacket is its unparalleled protection against the cold weather. Not only are they aesthetically sublime, but the genuine leather coats also offer superior insulation as they are made from a robust textile constructed from animal hides. Combining the inherent properties of its core material with an enhanced manufacturing process results in incredibly warm outerwear. It is buttery smooth on the outside while protecting you against snow, sleet, rain, and bitter winds. For sub-zero temperatures, you can layer even the most form-fitting jackets it with slim thermals for added warmth.

Soft and comfortable

Leather coats are defined by their softness and elevated comfort. While synthetic jackets made from polyester and other blends are abrasive with a tough exterior, leather ones are soft, supple, and pleasing to the tactile sense. Despite being exceptionally warm, they are not cumbersome to wear. You can easily carry a leather jacket without feeling bogged down by the heaviness typical of an oversized, warm coat.  

Moreover, leather has the intrinsic ability to "break-in" the longer you wear it. Consequently, with regular use, these jackets become softer and more comfortable with time. Hence, a quality jacket, like a fine wine, ages beautifully.   

Highly durable and flexible

Leather jackets are extremely durable as compared to their competitors. They are least likely to rip or unravel, as leather lacks the vulnerability of a weave. As long as you take precautionary measures such as avoid puncturing its surface, clean it only as recommended, and store it in an airy place but away from sunlight and heat, you will not compromise its longevity. 

In addition, high-quality leather is characteristically flexible. Consequently, this property ensures a well-made leather jacket does not break while it undergoes stretching or flexing. Despite years of use, the jackets do not deteriorate or show any imperceptible signs of damage. Therefore, you might often find these coats priced towards the high-end as they last forever.     

Physical protection

Since the genuine leather jacket is made of tanned and processed animal hide, it is tough, robust, and strong. Consequently, it offers protection against superficial injury, such as cuts, scrapes, and scratches. The jackets designed explicitly for motor-racers are thicker and constructed with enhanced durability. They are further amplified with armor inserts, so even if you tumble off your bike, you will be protected.    

Comparatively easy to upkeep

Leather is mostly stain-resistant and thus easier to clean compared to its counterparts. You can spot-clean any stains with a washcloth dipped in a gentle solution of warm water and dish soap. The key is to use long, smooth strokes instead of forceful scrubbing, resulting in discoloration. Other than that, you need periodic conditionally every few months to keep your jacket in perfect condition.

Final thoughts

Leather jackets are a smart investment, as they will last you for a lifetime. They are versatile enough to work for any occasion and come in a plethora of designs to suit every individual style. Finally, they are highly durable, flexible, comfortable to wear, and amazingly warm.