9 ways you can style leather in summer 2021

style leather in summer 2021

Leather is one of the most understated fashion trends of all time. It is practical, graceful, and so attractive that it’s hard to look like anything but a bombshell in the material. But why are we so generous about leather, one may ask?

That’s because leather has been voted as the leading fashion trend for the upcoming decade. While everyone basked in the joy of homemade, tie-dyed clothes in 2020, it is evident that 2021 is a year of substance. We must celebrate it as a start to a new decade, a new beginning, and a chance to choose things that make us happy. 

With that in mind, let’s delve into the top trends for Spring/Summer 2021 to list down the fabulous ways one can implement leather into their everyday wardrobe. 

From glossy baguette handbags to the faux leather boots we all have at the back of the closet, there is something you could do every day with the quaint little leather accessories and items laying in your wardrobe. 

Why Choose Leather Above Everything Else In 2021?

Leather is a material of longevity. It is perseverant, sustainable, and also classy enough to be repeatedly worn decade after decade without losing its charm. The reason we have chosen leather as the symbol of spirit for 2021 is that it truly embodies the emotions circulating internationally. 

We are all fighting a pandemic together, have just started to get our ‘normal’ lives back after lockdowns, and if there is one thing that truly matches that description, it is none other than the leather itself! 

Here is a list of convenient ways you can style leather pieces with your outfits to celebrate 2021 a little more every day.

The Classic Long Coat

Nothing says summer leather like a classic coat with some denim shorts. You can take any plain outfit and add a touch of sophisticated charm to it with the help of this evergreen accessory. If you have a coloured coat in green or maybe tan, then you can easily pull a printed linen dress too! 

It’s just a matter of practicality and convenience that depends on your personal choice. 

Bike around with your boyfriend shirt

Do you like the wind in your hair and sunlight on your skin as you zoom through biking trails? Even if you don’t like bike rides, you can pick up the style and try it out on a Sunday brunch, perhaps?

Get a genuine leather jacket from the menswear selection to get the perfect vibe. Add your boyfriend’s shirt, skinny jeans and some boots to complete the look. And you are ready to rule!

A Printed Midi Dress And A Baguette Handbag

Are you into the Gilmore Girls, early 2000s fashion? Then a vintage leather baguette bag and a midi dress is just the combo you need. It is simple, colourful, and has a quaint charm of its own that can polish any look into gold! 

Baguette bags have made a comeback after nearly a decade, and it is evident that they are far from going back to the crevice they came out of! You can pair it with any other outfit lying in your wardrobe, but a midi dress is the only one that will help you experience the gaudy fashion followed at the turn of the 21st century. 

Polo Knits And Ankle Boots

Polo knit dresses are the summer essential every girl needs in her closet. They are a quick fix for any day you might want to rush out the door and they will be the first thing that comes to your hands. 

While trying to rush out the door, you can just wear your faux leather ankle boots and spend the rest of the day getting compliments for your sartorial choices. 

Wide Shoulder Jackets With Silk Dresses

Do you remember the fashion weeks of 2019? Every ramp from Milan to New York, Paris to Rome, the wide shoulder jackets were seen everywhere. If you, too, had jumped on that boat and bought a leather jacket with wing-like shoulder blades, then this is the time to bring it out. 

Just get out and wear it at a get-together in the evening with a silk slip dress or even a striped jumpsuit, perhaps? Either way, the goal here is to keep the dress subtle enough to balance out the wings. 

Ethnic Eccentricity

Did you know a leather jacket works very well with ethnic clothes too? A linen kurta would look excellent with leather tights. Or, if you truly want to challenge your style quotient, then you can opt for a leather jacket with a saree too.  

Fringy Bags And Boots For A Rustic Look

Rustic fashion is all about fringes and rhinestones. That’s why you can easily use the oldest fringy leather bags and boots this summer and have the time of your life playing dress-up. Gather a few outfits that you would like to wear this week and see how often a fringy bag can come in handy. 

You will be surprised by the results!

Belt Up The Tie-Dye Look

Planning to wear the tie-dye jumpsuits from last year? Try them with some leather belts and silk ribbons. Not only will it cinch your waist, but it also helps you look your absolute best on a summer afternoon. 

Add Something Solid To Your Fruity Pastels.

Do you want to try the fruity pastel trend for 2021? Then what are you waiting for? Get a blouse from one of your favourite brands and pair it with a leather skirt to ooze fashionista energy all day long! 

Final Thoughts

Fashion conversations are always fun, especially when they revolve around something as magical as the new trends of the season. As the first quarter of 2021 comes to an end, it is time for us to step back and evaluate our closets.

Look for the best summer pieces and match them with the items from this list to amp up your style. You can continue experimenting with your closet this year to make up for the lack of social events from last year! 

Life is too short to regret a terrible fashion choice! 

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