Do You Want to Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue? Try This Out!

Slow Internet Connection Issue

Is your internet connection running at turtle's pace? Are the downloads speed taking ages? Do you experience buffering while streaming? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, you will get to know some of the best fixes to troubleshoot slow internet connection issue. Continue reading!

Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue

Check Your Data Plan

Before applying advanced troubleshooting fixes to troubleshoot slow internet connection issue, run an internet speed test. Bear in mind, before you run the speed test, stop video streaming, uploads, downloads, or any other online activity to ensure the least interference with the result. If the result and the internet speed provided by your ISP are the same, it means your connection working fine. In the event that you are not getting the internet speed ad per your plan, contact your service provider and ask him to upgrade your internet plan for better WiFi speeds.

After applying this tip, try to access the Linksys extender login using web address. Did the extender login page take forever to load? Well, not to worry! Have a quick glance at the next troubleshooting tip.

Relocate Your Linksys WiFi Extender

Chances are your Linksys extender is getting interference from third-party Bluetooth or WiFi devices, due to which you might experience with slow internet connection issue. So, to fix it, ensure to keep your Linksys extender at the center location of your home and away from the reach of public WiFi, Bluetooth, and their networking devices.

Such interference-creating devices may also cause degradation in the internet speed. That's why placing your Linksys range extender away from such devices would help in improving your internet speed. Once done, try accessing the Linksys extender login page and see if the internet works now or not.

Reboot Your Linksys WiFi Extender

Sometimes, your extender gets overloaded or overheated due to which it results in slow internet connection. In such a case, rebooting your Linksys wireless extender can help you fix slow internet connection issue and get the most out of your device.

To reboot your Linksys extender, simply turn it off, wait for some time and then turn it back on again. Now, try accessing the extender Linksys setup page and see if internet is working fine or not.

Troubleshoot Hardware

Another way to fix slow internet connection issue is to troubleshoot hardware. Check your Linksys WiFi extender, your router/ access point, and modem. If they require a reset, just reset them and see if it helps. A faulty or outdated device may also make your internet connection slow.

Check the Ethernet Cable

For Linksys extender setup, if you have used an Ethernet cable to connect your extender and the router, ensure that it is firmly connected. Apart from that, ensure that your extender is placed at the center location of your house and receiving uninterrupted WiFi signals from your main router. And if your Ethernet cable is somehow damaged, please do not use it as it may harm your devices.

Pro Tip: Updating your existing router’s and Linksys extender firmware might help you fix slow internet connection issue.

Reset Your Linksys Extender

If you are still experiencing slow internet connection issue, then the only way left to fix it is to reset Linksys extender and the router. Sometimes, resetting the device can fix big issues with for internet connection.

For the router and Linksys extender reset process, contact our expert technicians through comments. Our technicians will do everything to fix the slow internet connection issue for you.

Wishing you a happy and lag-free internet experience!