Top 11 Most Pleasant Smelling Flowers

Pleasant Smelling Flowers

Flowers enhance the surrounding positivity by spreading a pleasant fragrance.

The natural fragrance of flowers is often used in aromatherapy for the purpose of healing and comfort. Let's take a look at the list of the top 11 fragrant flowering plants you can successfully grow in your garden: these blooms will transform your yard into a sweet-smelling oasis.


The rose is undoubtedly the most popular pleasant-smelling flower in the world. It is also one of the most common flowers that can be found in every garden around the world.

Roses are widely used in wedding ceremonies and for making perfumes. Rosewater is one of the best remedies to get naturally glowing skin. Roses are found in many colours, including red, pink and yellow. It is found as a sacred flower in ancient Egypt, widely used to make wreaths on tombs. Rose is also used as a herb due to the presence of vitamin C.

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Jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers available in the market. Its fresh smell makes fragrant perfumes. Most people have jasmine outside the windows of jasmine to benefit from the aroma of their skin outside the jasmine windows, as they are able to sleep well with the help of jasmine. Indian women also adorned small white flowers on their hair due to their sweet and attractive smell. Jasmine, Mogra, etc., are the most common jasmine species available in India.

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is a delicate flower found extensively in the northern hemisphere of Asia. It is a member of the Lily family. The lily of the valley is known for its pleasant smell and beauty. This plant has vine-shaped flowers. As a sweet-smelling flower, the lily of the valley is used in the production of perfume. It is also used as a herb for burning and fever.


These are some of the best smelling flowers. There are many small-sized flowers in India, called 'Champa', which may or may not be botanical. Notable generations are Magnolia, Michelia, Plumeria and many more.


It is no surprise to see the ground of lavender in the list of the best-smelling flowers - its piquant scent makes it popular for perfumes, soaps, potato vegetables and other things. In fact, science has also proven the stress-reducing effects of sniffing lavender.

Even if you do not have an outdoor garden, it is easy to grow potted lavender on your kitchen counter.


The peony is a perennial flowering shrub that produces huge, succulent blooms, which often require stacking to support its enormous size. The giant blooms create subtle, elegant fragrances as they unfold over the dense, lustrous dark green leaves of peony. If you do, do not put your peony seeds deep into the soil, as they do not germinate. Plant them in a place that is exposed to full sunlight.

Sweet Alyssum

This low-growing plant looks lovely as borders, rock gardens and as filler in containers. Its small flowers look delicious and come in white and shades of apricot, pink and lavender. Sweet flax seeds bloom in months ranging from full sun to partial shade but do best in moderate temperatures. Encourage new growth in the fall by cutting it back slightly.


A low-growing perennial with a spicy vanilla aroma, dianthus flowers are often called "pinks" due to their petals' fringed look, which appears to have been cut with pink scissors. Although dianthus is available in many different shades of pink, there are many varieties available, offering a wide colour selection for gardeners to choose from. Use dianthus for the edges of garden beds, or plant them in a location in a container that is exposed to full sun.

Four o'clock

The Four Hour Flower is a member of mirabilis that grows worldwide. The Four O'Clock flower is named after the evening's blooming nature, which continues through the night. It also produces intense fragrance upon bloom. This smell remains in the atmosphere until it is heated. Four o'clock flowers grow in many colours in various combinations of pink, white and yellow. Interestingly, different coloured flowers can also be seen in the same four O 'clock plant.


Parijat flowers are very similar in appearance to jasmine flowers. They are small, white flowers with a very high and attractive aroma. The unique feature of Parijat flowers is that they have bright orange-coloured stems which contrast with the white petals. The flowers somewhat resemble jasmine and are sometimes called jasmine flowers that bloom at night.


The aromatic smelling lilacs are popular shrubs in gardens due to their heavenly aroma and growing ease. They come in many colours, but purple and white are the most popular. Lilac are hardy shrubs, easy to grow, and generally low maintenance. Fragrant flowers make great cut flowers and attract butterflies.

So, these were the top 11 fragrant flowers! Avail of these fresh flower delivery at your doorsteps and send them to your near and dear ones on any special occasion.