Main SEO trends for 2021

SEO Trends

 SEO, search engine optimization, is a strategy that is constantly changing. The search engines regularly adjust their algorithms and that means that you can suddenly lose a good position. If you work on search engine optimization, you adapt your website to the algorithms of the search engines so that they will recommend you to their users more quickly. 

They do not always publish these algorithms, but sufficient research has been done. And based on that, it is possible to predict what the SEO trends for 2021 will be. With the 7 tips below you will rise to the best positions in the search engine results in 2021. Take full advantage of digital marketing to the fullest.

1.The speed of your website is even more important Google plans to update its Core Web Vitals algorithm in May 2021. In this update all technical SEO aspects of a website are examined more closely, but speed is a very important one. Offering fast loading pages to your users was already essential, but now it is even more important. With the Core Web Vitals update, your website is assessed at three different speeds.  

Loading speed

The loading speed of your page must be at least 2.5 seconds. 

If not, it's time to do something about it. Interactivity: By interactivity, Google refers to the speed at which the browser responds after someone has pressed a link or button on your page. It must be less than 100 milliseconds. Visual stability: can the user easily browse through your pages? Does everything load correctly and nothing jumps or disappears? How stable is the page after it has loaded? Other factors that will be taken into account when compiling the ranking for a particular keyword are the security of your website (https) and how mobile-friendly it is.  

2. Have a mobile first website Google wants to pamper its users and to do so they research the behavior of their customers to the last detail. One trend that has been going on for a while and that doesn't seem to be stopping is the increase in mobile searches. Meanwhile, more than half of Google searches are already done using a mobile device. That is easier, faster, you can do it anywhere and you do not have to sit behind a desktop in front of it. Google therefore wants to offer its users websites that can be used on mobile devices.

There are two ways in which you can make your website mobile friendly.  Responsive: most websites that are now being made are fully responsive. They are designed from a desktop and then versions are made for phones and tablets. If you have an old website, there is a chance that it is not yet responsive. 

Mobile first: A mobile first website is designed with the mobile user as the target group and not the desktop user. After the mobile first website is ready, a desktop version is made. Using a mobile first website on a mobile device is a joy. The texts are short but sweet, the buttons are clear and everything is perfectly sized. Because mobile first websites best serve the mobile user, that is a feature that will be even more important to Google in the ranking in 2021. With a mobile first website you pass your competitors.  

3. Voice searches 

This trend for 2021 stems from the previous one. As more and more people use their mobile devices, the number of voice searches is also increasing significantly. Programs such as Siri and Google Assistant are increasingly used to control mobile devices. It is therefore important that you adapt your website accordingly and that you research the keywords used in speaking assignments when people are looking for your product or service. Voice searches often have a number of things in common:  One question: many voice searches are asked as a question to the digital assistant. For example, if you are looking for a pizza parlor that delivers, you ask, "Hey Google, where is the nearest takeaway pizza parlor?" 

So try to use questions as keywords on your website, for example in a blog or as a paragraph in a text. Local Searches: Many of the voice searches are also local. That's because many people use this option when they are looking. The classic example is when you break down on the roadside.

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