Which certification is best for Microsoft Azure?

Are you planning to go for Microsoft Azure certification? And are you in search of the correct certificate? Then, this article is for you. We all know how popular and valuable cloud computing has become. To level up your career in the IT industry, it is necessary to upskill through credible certifications such as Azure. Becoming a Microsoft certified professional will reflect credibility in your resume. Additionally, you will be able to tap into the best of the opportunities with the help of Azure certifications. With this guide, you will be able to zero down on the Microsoft Azure certification you need to go for.



Why Are Microsoft Azure Certifications Popular?

Cloud computing is the fastest growing industry in the world. One of the best ways to enter the cloud industry is to get Azure certified. Microsoft certifications provide the relevant skills necessary for becoming a professional in the field. According to a survey conducted by IDC, by 2023, public cloud spending will reach nearly $500 billion. Moreover, Azure is being used by almost 57% of the Fortune 500 companies. These figures are enough to show the popularity of Azure. Therefore, IT professionals and beginners looking forward to making a career in cloud computing are naturally inclined towards Azure certifications.

Things To Consider Before Selecting An Azure Certification

Many individuals run after certifications that are being taken by the majority of the candidates. However, one must consider a few criteria before zeroing down on the right certification for themselves.

Technical Proficiency: One should thoroughly assess their technical understanding by looking at their experience in the field. This will help in determining whether you should go for a fundamental level certification or an advanced one. Jumping onto a higher level certification without having sound fundamentals will be detrimental to an individual's job opportunities in the long run.

Current Job Profile:  It is understandable that you would like to go for a certification that helps you in seeking higher positions. However, first, get certified in your current job's domain. For instance, go for Azure developer certification if you are a .NET developer.

Objective: Another important aspect is your learning and growth objectives for your future. If you are looking for a domain change, it makes sense to go for a different certification. If you want to make a career in big data, then it is wise to get big data cloud certification.

The Different Types Of Microsoft Azure Certifications

Now, let's dive into the different levels of Azure certifications. Currently, there are four Azure certification levels as follows:

Fundamental Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

If you are a beginner in the field of cloud computing, then this certification is for you. These entry-level certifications offer a beginner the necessary knowledge for working in cloud computing. However, fundamental level certifications are not a prerequisite for moving to higher levels. It is advisable to undergo this certification if you lack cloud foundational knowledge. There are three certifications under it, namely AZ-900, DP-900 and AI 900. All of them deal with the basics of Azure, AI and data fundamentals.

Associate Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

Associate level certification's main objective is to implement, monitor and maintain Azure solutions. If you already have experience in Azure, then you may want to go for associate-level certifications. There are nine credentials under it that are also known as role-based certifications. One can go for the certificate that best suits their current job role or the role they want to shift into. 

Expert Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

These certifications are also known as role-based certifications. However, one needs to be proficient in Azure for undertaking them. There are prerequisites before you apply for expert certification. For instance, you require Azure Developer and Administrator Associate certifications to pursue DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Only two certifications are there at the expert level that can be taken for upskilling for a better job profile.

Speciality Certifications

If you want to specialize in IoT, SAP or Windows virtual desktop, Microsoft Azure speciality certifications are for you. There are no prerequisites for undertaking them as they are purely based on the three domains. In speciality credentials, there are three certifications for specialization.


Undergoing Microsoft Azure certification training can boost your career to higher levels. Assess your knowledge level, job profile and prospects for making the final choice. You can go for multiple certifications depending on your skills, time management and learning ability.


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