COVID-19 Test Authentication: What You Must Know?


Owing to the COVID-19, the tourism and travel industry has been affected significantly. Financial losses have further caused massive lay-offs which have created problems of its own. To contain the spread of CoronaVirus and allow people to travel, governments have come up with a specific plan. People will now need to present a COVID-19 negative report before onboarding. Moreover, the report must not be older than 72 hours. Otherwise, they won't be allowed to travel abroad.

These regulations came along with the news of new variants of COVID-19. These variants are expected to be more lethal and can worsen the world situation even more. Thus, it is only fair that everyone travelling abroad has to provide a COVID-19 negative report. 

For this purpose, travelers know your business is in utmost need of a COVID test authentication service that can verify the authenticity and validity of reports without any contact between the officials and the customers. This service is also known as Digital COVID Pass.

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What is Digital COVID Test Authentication?

Digital COVID test authentication services can validate the test report digitally for the travel and tourism industry. Manual verification of reports is no longer an option amid social distancing rules. The solution uses thousands of AI and ML models to validate the information inscribed on the COVID test report. 

It verifies the report’s authenticity, the date, and matches the face verification information in the report with the actual person. Compliance with the new rules is mandatory for the travel companies, violation of which can result in travel restrictions or potential financial penalties.

Digital COVID Pass – The Walkthrough

COVID test authentication services work on top of artificial intelligence models. In this process, printed test reports are scanned digitally. First of all, it is verified if the COVID test report is issued by a lab authorized by the government. 

Following this, it is readily checked whether the report is original and authentic. Then, the information is extracted and matched with the identity of the user. If the ID of the customer matches with the person then the issue date is validated. 

As the COVID tests must not be older than 72 hours, the system will calculate the time between the issue time and the time of verification. All these verification steps are completed sooner than you might think and with the highest accuracy rate.

What are the Key Defining Features of This Solution?

No Need for Integration or Installation

The state-of-the-art COVID-19 test authentication solutions do not require you to install an app or integrate their API with your business website/app. You can access their service through the browser. As these solutions are trained on AI models, so you need not worry about the efficiency of the process.

Real-Time Verification Results

Verifying your COVID-19 test reports from the ease of your living room is a perk provided by these services. Real-time verification results are provided without any processing delay. This advantage hits the nail right on the head by eliminating the potentially dangerous process of verifying the report in-person.

Time Efficient and Highly Accurate

In-person verification is the tale of old times now. The process takes longer and accuracy rates are poor owing to human-made errors. Nowadays, people don’t want to make an unnecessary effort and waste their time on doing something that has a better alternative. 

Some top-of-the-line COVID-19 test authentication solutions provide the customer with the results in mere seconds. Moreover, their accuracy rates are around 98-99% which are quite sufficient.

Summing it Up

It is safe to say that the travel companies are in desperate need of digital COVID-19 test authentication solutions. Health is an issue that we can't stand to ignore, especially amid COVID times. Keen on travelling, people are creating fake test reports and presenting outdated ones. 

During this situation, the onus is on the travel companies to seriously take notice of these unethical activities by employing COVID-19 test authentication solutions. This is the only way the travel and tourism industry can function without being a source of its spread. 

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