Home Inspection Dos and Don’ts for Home Buyers

Home Inspection Dos and Don’ts for Home Buyers


A home inspection is what you need to make sure you are choosing the right property for you and your family. Since it is a complex job, knowing what to look for in the service will help you understand the condition of your home and assess what repairs should be shouldered by the seller.

As your dependable home inspection company, we give you these tips to prepare for the inspection and whatever comes next.

· Do choose an inspector wisely.

Surely, your real estate agent or seller will recommend a home inspection agency to make the process easier. But to avoid conflict of interest, we recommend you bring your home inspector. Since there are many companies to choose from, it is better to start doing your homework while still hunting for a property to buy. Be sure to check credentials, experience, and reviews to narrow down your options.

· Do be there for the home inspection.

Be sure to be present during the home inspection and follow the inspector from room to room. The home inspection is the perfect time to ask anything you want to know about the property you are planning to buy. But, keep in mind that the inspector may not have the answers to your queries, especially if the questions are outside the scope of the contract requirement.

· Don’t impede the home inspector.

You are allowed to follow the home inspectors but never get in their way. Let them take their time in assessing every part of your house. Stick with them, and do not head off to other parts of your home because they might get confused with the data and mess with the results.

· Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller.

Letting the seller shoulder every item in an inspection report is impossible. But, you can always negotiate the cost of major repairs that were not included in the disclosure. If you are planning to renovate, skip the minor repairs and anything considered normal wear and tear. If larger issues pop up, you can let the seller fix them before you move in or negotiate a reduced sale price.

· Don’t assume the inspectors can be held liable.

If you check your home inspection contract, you will notice that the home inspector doesn’t give much assurance. Still, they are mostly concerned about your safety. Be mindful of the responsibilities stated in the contract because these are the things that limit their legal liability.

Why Choose One and Done Home Inspections?

If you are a home buyer, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from a home inspection before closing the deal with your seller. Since it includes information on nearly every part of your property, it gives you an overview of the things that will welcome you when you move in.

  1.  It helps buyers understand the condition of the house and create a more informed decision in their purchase.
  2.  Home inspection reports give an impartial opinion about the property’s structural components.
  3.  The report also helps homeowners plan for future repairs and replacement.

Do you need a home inspection service? One and Done Home Inspections is a team of licensed, experienced, and reliable home inspectors. We are ready to include top-notch home inspection services. 

Our home auditors are hand-picked for capability dependent on their mechanical mastery and respectability. We will plan a Home or Roof Inspection all the while as your Termite Inspection, which is another helpful and financially savvy approach to fulfill your necessities. 

We've endeavored to advise mortgage holders regarding the advantages of expert home investigations. Our obligation to polished skill has procured us the review organization of decision for a few of North Carolina's driving representatives and realtors. 

We keep InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics at The Elite Group. We additionally incorporate general obligation, E&O, and careless responsibility assurance. Our central goal is to furnish each shopper with the best conceivable Elite Home Inspection at a moderate cost!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a house, whether it’s formerly owned or fresh, make sure you recognize the actual state before you make a bid. So schedule your appointment today, and we’ll have our team ready to help you!

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