Kissanime - The Fastest Ways To Watch Anime Series Online

KissAnime is an anime-themed file sharing site that hosted multiple links and embedded video, allowing visitors to either stream or download anime and other media for free. It was formerly known as Hikaru No Go, and used the same codebase as its more well-known sister site, KissManga. According to its operators, Hikaru No Go has "almost a million" members. It has also been compared to torrent sites such as peer2peer, giving it a slightly higher degree of cyber law protection than most other peer-to-peer file sharing websites do, making it a bit less appealing to the average Joe looking for legal anime downloads.

Like most anime downloading/streaming sites, kissanime offers both standard and high definition videos in both dubbed and subtitled formats. Unfortunately, it offers no high-quality downloads, only Standard Definition. If you're wondering why, read this section carefully. First, due to technical limitations, kissanime cannot properly display High Definition (HD) video on its server. Due to copyright issues, there are some scenes from the Japanese version of Dragonball that have been omitted from the international release.

Standard Definition, which is about as good as it gets, isn't really worth the download. If your primary intention is to view your favourite anime TV series, then kissanime is okay, but if you want to download some action/adventure/manga scenes, then stay away from it. In addition to the standard definition video, kissanime includes many other forms of media, such as OVA, DVD, and even audio CDs. While the format does allow for decent video quality, the picture is often grainy and choppy, and there's a lot of noise. The constant switching back and forth between scenes in your favourite anime TV series is a little too much for my taste.

There are, however, a couple of sites that allow you to watch anime series in their native, high definition form. Not only is kissanime itself superior to standard definition, but it also allows you to watch several other language versions, including Korean and Chinese, without any problems. The best part about it is that you can switch back and forth between the two languages without any loss of quality.

I'm all for user-friendly interface and ease of use, but kissanime manages to be just about perfect in every aspect. The simplicity of its interface is very understandable - it is simply a tabular layout, with full screen viewing and simple, clean lines. It is extremely fast and stable, and the upgrade path is simple and easy to follow. Other than the occasionally terrible translations (which I won't go into detail about here), it is by far and away the best anime download site I have come across. In my opinion, it has the most enjoyable viewing experience, second only to Crunchyroll.

In conclusion, if you are looking to watch your favorite anime series anywhere you like, Kissanime is the one for you. The servers are fast, the videos are of good quality, and the selection of shows is probably going to blow your mind. As someone who has already watched quite a few anime series in the dub, I can say that kissanime beats even Crunchyroll when it comes to selection. If you are an anime fan who likes a simple system for finding your favorite shows, I strongly recommend giving kissanime a shot, because it really is the fastest and easiest way to get your favorite anime downloads.

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