Positives About Electric Vehicle Technology


Electric cars are quickly becoming the newest craze for car manufacturers, coming up right after the trend of small utility vehicles. First pioneered by Toyota and Tesla, other companies, including exotic car producers such as Porsche and McLaren are starting to get in on the action. Electric cars represent a new means of being able to transport ourselves without the pollution from combustible fuels messing up the air quality. 

It is understood that batteries are better for the environment than combustible fuels, but since this is a new technology that remains to be seen. However, we can still speculate as to how the advent of these cars will improve automobile design and manufacturing in the future. Below are five things we can expect the building of electric cars to improve for transportation in the future.

1. Widespread use of electric vehicles will improve battery technology

Most detractors of electric cars will state that we do not know what will happen when these car batteries start going bad and need to be replaced and recycled. However, we see companies like Romeo Power, Inc., working on new solutions to decrease the size and increase the output of the fuel batteries. With smart concepts like these, investors are watching Romeo Power stock

Over time, new materials for both of the casing and the power source of the batteries will be tested and if improvements are made they will be released.

2. Using electric vehicles will pave the way for more advances in fueling vehicles

Much talk has been made of the hydrogen fuel cell, but so far no one has been able to perfect the technology. It is believed that by advancing the work on electric vehicles, automakers will create new alternatives for engines that have low to zero emissions. This includes using smaller engines, engines that use fuel more efficiently, and engines that use alternative fuels such as biomass or hydrogen. Before all these things can happen, the demand has to be there, much like it is for electric vehicles.

3. The tech in electric vehicles will improve other technologies

If anyone has ever been inside or operated a Tesla, they would probably be correct in explaining it as a smartphone on wheels to anyone who hasn't seen one. A lot of new technology, including cars, is designed for the younger demographics such as Millennials or Gen Z. These customers are used to having screens that power most of the things around them and they are used to interacting with the screens. In fact, it is part of an idea called the Internet of Things. 

Building this Internet of Things will require a lot of technological innovation that we have not yet seen. It may not be too much longer before you can turn your oven on from your car while you are on the way home. It is not too much of a stretch to believe that as our cars become more wired and more electronic, they will be built to interact with other devices.

4. Building electric vehicles will also improve ICE engines

Automotive purists who still enjoy the sound and feel of internal combustion engines aren't really on board with these quiet egg-shaped cars that accelerate quicker than the ICE engines. Pumping car noise into the car, which is what some companies are doing, help people who like loud engines hear something. This has been mocked by many automotive journalists. Auto companies will more than likely work on hybridizing vehicles for those like conventional engines.

5. Aftermarket customization industry will create new ideas for vehicles

The main reason internal combustion engines are still popular is that people like to work on them. A lot of people buy older cars as project cars that they can work on, adding things to them making them better-looking and more powerful. There is no reason that this should not also work for electric vehicles. 

There have been some customizations on electric vehicles but the aftermarket interest in them is slow because they have not yet been heavily adopted by the tuners and the gearheads. Once this technology is figured out, there will be companies that build aftermarket parts for electric vehicles. This will be a positive step in making it easier for people to adjust to electric vehicles from internal combustion engines.

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