Things you Need to Know About Lung Cancer

Lung diseases are not what we think much about despite the fact that we are continuously breathing, taking around 16 breaths per minute. However, many things can affect our lung health, from allergies to cancers all these things can take a toll on our lung health.

Lung cancer

Lung diseases can be hard to live with especially if you can’t diagnose them in a timely manner and lung cancer is one such disease. This type of cancer originates in the lungs and can affect the functioning of the lungs to a greater magnitude. Lung cancer is a common lung health problem responsible for millions of cases worldwide.

Causes of lung cancer

Some of the notable causes of lung cancer are;

        Smoking- the primary and largest risk factor of lung cancer. Smoke from cigarettes contains many toxic substances that are carcinogenic in nature. Other than cigarette smoke, other tobacco-containing products can also increase your risk of lung cancer.

        Passive smoking- if you don’t smoke cigarettes, you can still get exposed to cigarette smoking as a result of passive smoking increasing your risk of lung cancer.

        Occupational exposure- there are several other chemical substances that you get exposed to while working in different industries and occupations. This occupational exposure to chemicals including asbestos, arsenic etc. can also increase your risk of lung cancer.

        Genetics- your genetics can play a key role in determining your risk for lung cancer.

        Radiation therapy- people who have gone through radiation exposure previously are more likely to develop lung cancer.

        Radon gas exposure- radon gas produced by the exposure of radon gas can also increase your risk of lung cancer if your exposure exceeds the safe limit.

Symptoms of lung cancer

The problem with lung cancer is that many of its signs and symptoms can mimic cold and other respiratory problems making it difficult to diagnose. I remember when a relative of mine was suffering from lung cancer, he went to many top lungs doctors in Multan for the diagnosis.

Symptoms of the common symptoms of lungs cancer are;

1- Breathing trouble

People may experience breathing difficulty from time to time along with shortness of breath. The diseases such as the coronavirus have breathing difficulty as a major symptom. However, prolonged breathing difficulty and constant shortness of breath could be an indicator of an underlying health issue such as lung cancer.

2- Laboured breathing

Another common symptom of lung cancer could be laboured breathing. Laboured breathing is when it becomes difficult to inhale and exhale the air. Laboured breathing is the warning sign of lung cancer and needs to be immediately addressed if the condition persists for a long time.

3- Chronic cough

Cough is the natural response of the body to spit out the troubling particles or mucous. Coughing clears your pathways naturally and helps you to get rid of allergens and toxins. There are many types of cough including wet and dry cough and a persistent cough could be an indicator of a possible lung health trouble.

4- Blood cough

While there are many different types of cough and it usually occurs as a result of any respiratory tract infection or disease. However, when there is a disease complication, people are likely to experience a bloody cough such as in the case of tuberculosis. The blood in the cough could come from the lungs or from the other parts of the respiratory tract, indicating a lung health problem.

5- Mucous production (chronic)

Mucous is a secretion of our body that serves the purpose of lubricating your respiratory tract. Moreover, mucous also acts as a filter that deters the entry of bacteria and other harmful agents into your respiratory tract. The mucus production is regulated under natural circumstances, however, an unregulated mucous production could signal a lung health problem.

6- Chest pain

Another common sign and symptom of lung cancer is chest pain that is lasting for some time and becomes worse when you breathe and cough.

Bottom Line!

Lung cancer is a common problem and many factors can increase the risk of lung cancer development. Many symptoms could be an early indicator of lung cancer and in case you notice any of these symptoms it is better to immediately go to a doctor for the right medical help.

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