Top 5 Best Cell Phone Accessories for 2021

 Everyone who buys a cell phone is looking for the best cell phone accessories to simplify their tasks. From a student to a businessman, cell phones and their accessories play a vital role in performance. 

The selection of the right accessory depends on the type of mobile, its model, and type of task, etc. These accessories types are modified, and new features are added to them. That makes the accessories more useful. 

Whether you are only a user of a cell phone or attached to a cell phone business, this list will be helpful for you.  

Here, we have listed all the major wholesale cell phone accessories and their new advanced models for the year 2021. 

Let’s discuss them one by one and talk about their new models with their advanced features.

·       Portable Bluetooth Speakers 


Bluetooth speakers are not a new thing in the market. It has been used for a couple of years. Bluetooth speakers provide the facility to connect the audio with the speaker that amplifies the voice according to requirement. 

The basic features that decide the quality of the Bluetooth speakers are the following.


Battery life: 


Normally the battery timing of speakers is 4 hrs. but in advanced models, it is extended to 10 to 12 hrs that is pretty good for performing different tasks. 


Bluetooth and sound quality: 


Normally the Bluetooth speakers use the Bluetooth model 4.0 to 5.0. Sound quality is the most important factor, sound should be clearer and louder. The high-end models of Bluetooth speakers can give a sound output of 10 W. 


There are many Bluetooth speakers available but the following are the best. 

         Sonos Speaker

         UE Boom3

        JBL Flips 5

        Ampulla speakers. 

·       Wireless Earbuds


Earbuds is another audio cell phone accessory that is designed for a single user. It makes the user free from continuously holding phones. 


Whether the user wants a clear voice during the call or wants to enjoy some music, earbuds are a good option. The new models of earbuds allow the user to transition audio between the earbuds, complete speaker, and dual speakers. 

Even the advanced earbuds allow both personal listening and sharing with friends. Here are the examples of some wireless earbuds:

        Sony WF-1000XM3

        Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

        Cambridge Audio Melomania 

        Duolink dual speakers

·       Power Banks


Mobile is designed to stay connected especially when the user is outside the home. But with the limited battery timing, it is not possible. So, power banks are an essential thing. 

In 2021, the advanced feature of the power bank is that it is able to charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Following are recent and best power bank options. 

        Anker power core 2000

        Mophie powerstation plus XL

        RAV power luster portable charger

        Omni 20 power bank.


·       Mounts and Stands 


Cell phones are necessary everywhere for multiple tasks. For example, a user needs to track the location while driving. So, a car mount is necessary here to use this feature of the mobile. 


There is a long list of different tasks that need cell phone assistance but with a proper stand or mount it is not possible to use it accurately.

Following is good mobile mount or holder options:

        Moft-X Foldable Cell Phone Stand

        IMStick (a Magnetic Smartphone Holder)

        Mag Mount Qi (A Cool Smartphone Holder)

        Glosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

·       Connecting Cable


Whether there is a need to transfer data from computer to mobile or mobile to computer, there is a need for a connecting cable. 


Similarly, different types of cables are necessary to connect the different devices with each other. 

Instead of purchasing a variety of cables, in the market advanced cables are available that can be used for multiple purposes.  


These are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and easy to carry but very helpful with a variety of combinations of connections.


Incharge 6 is an example of such multi-functional cables. 


Well, technology has changed the business modes and methods. But this pandemic has also affected every person of every class. Because of this everyone is using online business options and mobile business options. 

That is the main reason there is a huge demand for the above cell phone accessories in 2021. These are essential things that you need to increase the productivity of the mobiles.  

Even there are lots of business opportunities in the cell phone and its accessories industries.

So, in simple words, all the above-mentioned accessories and many others are easily available on online wholesale marketplaces. 

Here the customer can buy wholesale cell accessories at a reasonable rate both for reselling purposes or personal use.  

How many of the above-mentioned accessories do you have? Do you think cell phone accessories are increasing? Review our list and business ideas of cell phone accessories. 

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