Top 7 Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Cosmetic Brands

Your cosmetic business produces some products that have to be sold in rigid packaging, such as lipstick and mascara. However, you also have many products that lend themselves to flexible packaging, such as lip balm, face masks, and foundation. If you're thinking about shifting from rigid packaging to flexible packaging, consider these seven benefits of the latter method.

Customize Your Cosmetic Packaging

There are many different kinds of flexible packaging, and your manufacturer can easily customize them for you. Choose between wrappers, envelopes, flexible sticks, and custom stand up pouches until you find the look that's right for you. Consider selling similar products in the same kinds of flexible packaging. For example, sell all your face masks in packets, and sell your lotion in pouches.

Eco Friendly Packaging For Your Cosmetics

Mylar bags custom are not only more easily customizable, but they're also more eco-friendly than single-use rigid packaging. Made from sustainable products that can withstand wear-and-tear, your flexible packaging is even more eco-friendly if you set up a packaging return system.

Prioritize Customers' Convenience


Flexible packaging takes up much less space than rigid packaging, and it's easier to fit into a backpack or makeup bag. Since most flexible packaging is easily resealable, your customers don't have to worry about their cosmetics spilling all over their suitcases or gym bags.

Increase Your Products' Sterility

Eco friendly packaging contains a zipper or another seal that guarantees its products' sterility. On the other hand, similar products that come in rigid packaging are usually placed in cardboard boxes or plastic tubes that are easy to open. By putting your cosmetics in flexible packaging, you increase your customers' peace of mind about product sterility.

Preserve Your Cosmetics' Shelf Lives


Cosmetics don't expire as quickly as food, but when they're exposed to air or sunlight, they begin to deteriorate. Increase your cosmetics' shelf lives by storing them in flexible packaging, where they're less likely to break down or experience water damage.

Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas Consumption


Flexible packaging produces four times fewer greenhouse gases than plastic packaging and seven times fewer greenhouse gases than steel packaging. Even though rigid plastic and steel containers are sometimes recyclable, their production is much more harmful than flexible containers'.

Optimize Your Products for Shipping


As a small business owner in the digital era, many of your customers order your products online, and you need to ship them their orders. With flexible packaging, you can send your customers fewer boxes because it's easier to fit multiple products into the same box. You save money on cardboard box purchases, and your customers save money on shipping costs.


When you sell large loads of your cosmetics to grocery stores, you still improve everyone's experience with flexible packaging. Your truck driver can fit more products into his or her bed, and the people that unload your shipment have a much easier time removing and stocking your products.


To help the environment and give your customers higher quality products, commit to storing your cosmetics in eco-friendly flexible packaging.

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