Tyler, The Creator Announces His Favorite Song At A Tournament Ceremony. Who Won First Place?


Tyler, The Creator has come to be respected by many people as a top artist, such as the album "IGOR" released in May last year receiving the Best Rap Album Award. He announced his personal ranking of his songs on Twitter.

Tyler the Creator Merch uses a list created by DJ PICKLE JUICE to present his favorite songs in a tournament style. Six albums were used on the list: "IGOR", "Flower Boy", "Cherry Bomb", "Wolf", "Goblin", and "Bastard". Tyler commented on Twitter: "I will use the list of DJ PICKLE JUICE to announce my personal favorites for my songs." Among many songs, Tyler's own first place was "NEW MAGIC WAND", and second place was "OKAGA, CA". The collaboration song "Potato Salad" with A $ AP Rocky, which is the only single on the list, never won.

In Tyler earlier also other "is Goblin’s fucking" and had been told, but was up wins in the top eight more than this time of the list was only "She". Tyler encourages fans to make a personal list, saying, "Why isn't this song the top!?", but I should make my own ideal list (laughs).

Tyler, the Creator talks about "the type of person who doesn't want to be friends".

Tyler, who came to New York for a live show, says he wants to hang out at Rockefeller Park in Manhattan rather than going to an after party. He cites the danger of encountering "goob-goobers" as the reason. Good-goobers seems to be a phrase that refers to people in a class that Tyler doesn't want to be with. "We don't have the same sensibilities," Tyler said when wearing FILA platform sneakers.

The same is true for girls who wear loose boots that can be worn in jeans. He is "in Toka Air Force 1 of the size of 13 inches, it is no good when I wore the Toka skinny jeans," he said. Perhaps in my experience, there were many people with a personality that I was not good at. There was also a scene where he said, "I like girls, but I end up sleeping with that girl's brother every time."

Tyler has been criticized for sexist lyrics in the past, but nowadays he often writes lyrics that talk about his sexuality. I don't know the details here either, as I rarely talk about it in public, but in his song "I am not Got Time," Tyler said, "Since 2004, I've been kissing white boys.” Wrapped.
Tyler also has his own Grammy-nominated album. He also talked about his different personality in "IGOR,” and explained that he "imagines a white Danish woman, lil peep merch or something like that" about a blonde.


Tyler also organizes the annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The music festival has been held every year since the fall of 2012. The festival includes a range of hip-hop and R&B performances, as well as carnival walks and games.


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