What You Can Expect During Your Dental Exam?


Dental Exam

The dental exam is an essential part to maintain oral health. Even people with healthy teeth should visit their best dentist in Nashville for regular checkups. Now, during these appointments, they will look for any current dental issues or potential diseases you can be prone to. Other than this, there are various tests that dentists can ask you to get based on your current oral health.

In this article, we have shortlisted things that you can expect during the dental exam. Now, it can include cleaning, x-rays, etc. Read on to know more details.

Basic Interview

The expert dentists like Dillard Dental Services will first collect the relevant information including, medical history, expectations, goals, etc. Even if you don’t think the prior problem is related to oral health, still share it with the dentist. By assessing your eating habits, diets, and other medical factors, they will comprehensively understand what treatment you’ll need.


During the dental exam, an extensive screening for extra-oral and intraoral soft tissue will be done to identify any signs of the following diseases:

·         TMJ disorder

·         Gum disease

·         Oral cancer

Other than this, your appointment with a dentist in Nashville, TN, can also include, dental work examination (if you currently have any), bite evaluation, and teeth cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning

For the cleaning part of the dental exam, you will be asked to sit in a chair under an overhead light. The dentist will then use small metal tools to scrape off any tartar or plaque buildup. They will then floss and use a special electrical brush to clean the teeth. This process in orthodontist’s office in Nashville, TN is then followed by applying the fluoride gel that helps in preventing tooth decay. Later on, they suggest some tips to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

Teeth X-ray

For the X-ray, the dentist will place a lead apron over the chest. They may also add extra protection in the neck area to keep the thyroid glands safe. These safety precautions will protect your body from any radiation.

After this, they will ask you to bite down on a plastic tray. A scanner is placed outside your mouth, which clicks the pictures. For some X-rays, you might have to repeat the process by biting down on different areas on the instruction of the dentist.

There are multiple types of X-rays a dentist can ask you to get. From bitewing x-rays to full-mouth series, it will depend on your current dental health which one you will need.

Dental Impression

For some cases, the dentist in Nashville can ask you to get the dental impressions as well. It can help them to quickly evaluate your bite. To get this, the dentist will add gelatin-like material into a horseshoe-shaped tray and will place it on your upper and lower teeth. This will help them to get a dental cast of the mouth. It can then later be used for a comprehensive evaluation.

These are some of the things you can expect during your dental exam. After this, your best dentist in Nashville will discuss the results of the tests. Later, you will be suggested preventive care and the treatment options according to your dental condition.

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