7 Efficient Ways to Store Your Luxury Wristwatches

There are dozens of luxury watch brands to choose from, such as Rolex. However, storing and maintaining the watches can be challenging for many people. Unlike in the past, when it was challenging to keep wristwatches, people in this era are equipped with newer and more secure storage options and in-depth knowledge of how to store their luxury Watches. If you own a luxury watch, here are tips and pointers on making them last longer.

  1. Store in a Proper Temperature 

Humidity and dust are the main enemies of expensive luxury wristwatches like the Patek Philippe, so store the watch in a dry and temperature-controlled environment. Moisture can enter the wristwatch, which can damage the dial and cause the movement to rust. 

Watches should be stored away from light; unusual aging can decrease their value. Light can sometimes fade the black dials of antique watches to a tropical or chocolate brown, depending on the brand, model, and aesthetics.

  1. Use the Proper Storage Material 

If you want to display your watch in your bedroom, a simple storage cabinet might be your best option. It looks like a regular jewelry box but is explicitly designed for wristwatches. The lining is made of felt-soft material that will not scratch the watch. If you want to view your wristwatch without taking it out of storage, a watch case with a clear glass cover is recommended. 

The drawer can accommodate specially designed inserts or trays. Often these trays contain various compartments in which the user can place the watch case and the strap or sections for placing the strap on the surface. If you want to keep your watch separate, watch pouches are a great choice. They are so lightweight that they can be easily transported and stored in drawers, safes, or anywhere on the go. The case is mostly made of high-quality leather, which protects the watch well.

  1. Get Insurance For Your Valuables

Owners must adequately insure their valuables; unfortunately, because of their small size, portability and mobility, watches are often the target of theft. With this in mind, many people store their collections in safes or bank vaults. Record the serial number of your watch separately, so in case they are stolen, you can provide them to the authorities and your insurance agency. 

You can file a police watch theft report directly to the watch company in many cases, so if your watch is returned for repair or resell, the authorities can be alerted. There are also websites and forums where you can post information about the stolen watch, as well as any serial number. Potential buyers looking for the watch's serial number will be able to find out if it has been stolen. 

  1. Regular Servicing and Maintenance

You should let a reputable expert inspect your watch every few years. In general, experts recommend checking used watches every three to five years. If you take good care of your wristwatch and only wear it a few times a year, it may not require regular maintenance services. More complex devices, such as chronographs and minute repeaters, may require more frequent and detailed attention if used frequently. 

Many manufacturers send watches to them for internal servicing, although you may prefer to find a watch manufacturer closer to you than a brand-endorsed one. Rolex certifies technicians who have received training courses. Communicating with your watchmaker or the company that maintains the watch is essential. If you do not wish to replace parts or polish the wristwatch, you must notify them. 

Even if you do this, errors may occur when the watch is accidentally polished, or other cosmetic changes are made. These changes might seriously damage the value of the part and cannot be undone. An uncorrectable error when servicing a watch can be a loss to collectors, which is why it is essential to find a certified wristwatch technician.

  1. Polishing Properly

Originality is an essential thing for wristwatch collectors. Restoring the watch to its original appearance will increase its value, especially if its case is made of shiny polished material. As much as possible, keep the original parts polished. In watch terminology, the case is the watch's exterior, the area that is naturally most susceptible to polishing. 

On the contrary, it is essential to maintain the original finish of the watch and not to worry too much about nicks and scratches. Watchmakers and technicians usually want to polish the wristwatch to make it look new, but sometimes this might change the watch’s original finish, damaging the value. 

  1. Keep Your Wristwatch Paperwork Within Reach

Without evidence of your watch's value, reselling at a high price might be difficult. If luxury watches are an investment, which is mostly the case with watches such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Omega, ensuring they can be resold is vital. To ensure your watch will fetch the best level of capital if you choose to sell, keep all relevant paperwork in a safe place, separate from your watch. Keeping the paperwork different will also ensure that you have evidence for any insurance claims in case of a burglary.

  1. Maintain the Dial and Bezel

Generally, most of the value of a watch resides in the dial, so it is essential to keep it as original as possible. Clocks from the 1930s to the 1950s often used radio-painted dials to improve brightness; if they were sent back to Switzerland for repair, the company might not legally re-export them.

For some brands, the only way to get a watch with an original radio on the back of the dial is to travel to Switzerland and pick it up in person. Removal of radio material will significantly reduce the watch's value; this also applies to replacing the bezel and crown. 

In Conclusion

Be careful when storing luxury watches. In terms of aesthetic value, luxury watches are usually the most significant investment in the fashion industry. Owning a luxury watch is always an advantage. Luxury watches are worth a considerable amount in terms of financial value and emotional investment.

So, whether you have an extensive collection of luxury watches or own one standout piece, you should take a little time to find the best storage solution. Remember to take into account the temperature, humidity, and position of your timepieces, as well as how safe they are from theft.

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