Everything to Know About Drawing Services Mississauga


Who We Are?

We are a drawing services Mississauga firm that specialises in creating attractive, opulent, functional, and environmentally friendly spaces. We are a highly talented and devoted team of architects, engineers, designers, and project managers who work together to provide our clients with a pleasurable and unique experience.

To bring our client's visions to life, we use creativity, passion, empathy, and integrity. Our service is defined by quality and innovation, and it is on this foundation that we have developed our firm.


Our goal is to become a premier design-build firm in Canada by creating and constructing beautiful customized homes and workspaces for our clients. We want to establish a reputation as a reliable partner who can help with a wide range of property-related issues. We also want to be known as a highly professional firm that consistently provides excellent results to the absolute delight of its customers.

Advisory Services

We offer construction permits Mississauga services to help you with any real estate-related questions you may have. Contact us for competent, professional, and assured answers to all of your questions.


We have a competent and experienced team of architects who will help you through the entire process, from concept to completion. We can turn your concepts into workable design solutions. We supervise the entire complicated process, deal with any challenges that arise, and deliver the project's projected value.


Because of their extensive experience, our in-house team of engineers and building science experts provides practical and cost-effective solutions. They are capable of handling complex and challenging situations with ease, as well as making recommendations for building operational improvements.


We have a talented group of designers who can create stunning interiors as well as exteriors. Our designers are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house or workplace, making it a great pleasure to live or work there.


We have the most outstanding construction professionals in Toronto as one of the best construction firms in Toronto. They will complete the natural building of the premises efficiently and on schedule, using the best materials and construction technology.


We provide exceptional drafting services with the most up-to-date CAD technology to create visually stunning, highly experiential, and immersive designs that you can nearly feel.

Management of Projects

The entire construction process is a pretty intricate procedure with a lot of responsibilities. Our Project Management staffs is exceptionally adept at ensuring that construction and development projects are completed on schedule, on budget, and in a well-coordinated manner.

Drawings for Permits

Orana also handles all of the essential permits and clearances from various government and municipal authorities, so you don't have to.

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