Fast & Easy Way to Make DIY Paper Gift Bags

 It indeed gives a nice gesture when you gift your loved one with paper gift bags. No matter what’s the occasion- birthday, anniversary, or any special day, gift bags complement your present. In this guide, we will learn step by step to create a DIY gift bag. One who loves crafting will enjoy this new experience; otherwise, you can go for the gift bags made of paper available in the market.

Benefits of DIY Gift Bags

Before starting, this piece of information might help you. Personalized custom gift bags are now a part of the market. Many customers favor customized products and services as it meets their needs & desires to a great extent. Even retailers look for personalized gift bags services to offer customers uniqueness. DIY gift bags also give the same satisfaction due to individual custom design. The higher satisfaction is the main benefit of DIY paper gift bags, and other advantages are cost-effectiveness and less time to make bags. Generally, retailers purchase gift bags wholesale and of sustainable material to relish fewer expenses.

Take a Note

It is recommended to use heavier wrapping paper as lighter paper may not be sturdy enough to hold very much weight. Therefore, thinner paper can tear easily. So, if you don’t want your gift peaking through and spoiling the surprise, go for a heavier one.

Step by Step Instructions to Create DIY Gift Bags

Here, you will be making paper gift bags with handles; let’s begin!

  1. Measure and Cut the Wrapping Paper

First, measure the circumference of the gift box with the measuring tape. Whatever the result comes, add half an inch. Now measure the height of the box, add 1 inch of the depth of the gift box. Finally, cut the square of wrapping paper.

  1. Fold the top of the Paper

Fold the wrapping paper 1 inch toward the inside. This will be the top of your paper gift bag.

  1. Place the Box on the Back Side of the Wrapping Paper

Place the gift box bottom on the right side of the wrapping paper, which is also at the bottom of the paper. The ½ inch folded edge should be on top. Make sure to pull the wrap paper on the right side of the box until there is a 1 inch margin of paper on the top right side.

  1. Time to Fix the Gift Bag

Pull the left-hand side of the paper over the box and paste the left edge to the top of the right edge of the paper.

  1. From the Bottom of the Bag

Pull the top paper down over the box, and fold creases on the left and right-hand side. Then fold the left & right creases toward the center.

  1. Secure the Bottom of the Bag

Adhere the bottom of the bag with tape.

  1. Finish the Top of the Gift Bag

If your gift is a bit heavier, then place a square of cardboard at the bottom of the bag to have extra stability. To carry it comfortably, you need a handle, so punch two holes on the top of each side of the bag, and insert a ribbon for handles. Then tie each end of the ribbon handle into a thick knot.

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