How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle When You Have a Desk Job?

A full-time desk job at the office is a bit tiring, and often it seems Friday is too far. If you are working eight hours in the office per day, it is not about mental but also exhausts you physically. Particularly if you have computer work and staring at a cubicle screen for a long time. So, staying motivated and avoiding the experiencing of exhaustion, you are at the right place.

Below are a few healthy tips if you have a full desk job. All these general health tips are not for the workplace, but they are also applicable for home online working style. They are important like ski goggles while swimming for eye safety, and these tips are essential to keep you active while working long hours.


Keeping your body pain-free, you need to practice good posture, and it is important particularly if you have to perform your eight hours sitting duty at one place in a day. Poor posture can lead to shoulder, back, and neck pain with the alignment problem of the spine as well. Really, it is hurtful if you are working continuously at one place and you are sitting like a turtle.

So, it is extremely hard to deal with the stress of chronic pain, therefore, it is easy to correct your posture. There are few means to set up your workplace so that it can make your posture right and can prevent you from bending over your desk.

  • For example, you use an ergonomic chair while working at your desk. Your work will affect you if you are not sitting properly in your seat. Either it is too big or too small will make your posture weak.

  • Another tip is to use lower back support, and you can use an ergonomic cushion for this purpose. And in this situation, your neck and back will feel less pain.

  • Adjust your monitor height for appropriate posture so that it should be aligned with your eye level. In the case of the lower height table, you use a monitor stand for appropriate height, and you shouldn’t look below.

Be active:

You need to keep yourself active if you feel inactive most of your working day. With an inactive body, you feel unmotivated, lazy, and more sluggish if you don’t do any exercise while working long hours. There are few good means to keep yourself active in your overall day.

Keep relaxing your body after every hour for a few minutes, and it will be good if you get up and do a little walk. So that your blood can flow smoothly and your workflow remains constant. For example, if you like coffee or tea, get up and enjoy making it by yourself so that your body remains active.

  • When you are walking in the office lobby, you should stretch your body after a few hours. In this way, your body avoids being sluggish while working in an office.

  • Eye massage is also essential if you are working on a computer screen for long hours. As skydiving goggles are important for eyes while swimming, safety glasses are also important when you are working on a computer screen, and you have to protect your eyes from blue rays.

  • Get eye breaks frequently to break the motion from the screen when you are working with full concentration on a digital screen. Breaking focus prevents you from eye strain and gets eye massage after a few hours to keep your eyes relaxed.

  • Another tip is to get a standing desk and it should be adjustable so that when you become exhausted from sitting posture, you can perform your work in a standing position. Therefore, get a desk with adjustable height according to your height, and it is one of the great help to prevent you from an inactive position. And believe me, it is a great option when you need to work a lot but cannot afford to sit more.

  • Always prefer to walk when you are approaching your workplace. If there is no more distance between your home and office, prefer to walk for physical activity rather than to choose a car or bike.

Get a big break:

It is very significant for your mental wellness and physical fitness if you are continuously working in the cubical place. So, get a break for refreshing like a proper lunch break and smaller breaks in the entire day. Lunch break is a superb way to recharge yourself because it will be the mid-time of your office timing and it is a nice change because of the different environment. If you have enough time, you can visit a nearby gym for a workout in the afternoon routine.

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