Do These 8 Iconic Dishes Use Burrata Italian Cheese?

Do These 8 Iconic Dishes Use Burrata Italian Cheese?

When it comes to choosing the right cheese to be served with different Italian dishes; then chefs and other experts single out Burrata Italian Cheese. The main reason for selecting this special cheese is that enhances the flavor of the dish.

5 Things You Should Know About Burrata Italian Cheese

Although, each Italian region has its special dish and ingredients; but 8 of these dishes are popular not only in Italy; but also around the world that uses Burrata cheese. Before knowing it you have to understand the whole concept of Burrata cheese.

1.    The literary meaning of Burrata is buttery. This name was given because the cheese melts in the mouth when the cheese inside the mozzarella pocket is eaten.

2.    This cheese is younger than others because it was made only a hundred years ago. In the southern region of Italy of Puglia. Burrata cheese is made from three natural ingredients including milk, cream, and rennet.

3.  The outer shell of Italian Burrata Cheese is made from mozzarella. But the inner filling is stretchy strings of cheese curds and fresh cream. Experts even make mini bite-sized Burrata cheese.

4.   The texture of Burrata cheese is buttery because when it is cut in half; the creamy cheese oozes out. It has a milky taste but at the same time has the flavor of mozzarella.

5.   As Burrata cheese is made from milk; you can guess that it is the most beneficial for bones and teeth. Also containing phosphorus, sodium, and potassium that improves overall health.

8 Iconic Italian Dishes Using Burrata Cheese

No wonder why Italians insist on using Burrata cheese will almost all dishes and recipes. You will find many iconic dishes in restaurants like Burrata House that have this cheese in one way or the other.

The Famous Burrata Pizza

Pizza is the most popular Italian dish that has become beloved all over the world. Small proportions of Burrata cheese on the pizza and then grilled lightly; so that the cheese doesn’t burn.

Adding Burrata Cheese To Lasagna

The stringy consistency of the cheese makes it perfect for adding it to Lasagna. The cheese is layered in between the lasagna and also spread on top and baked on low flame.

All Types Of Pasta

You can use Burrata cheese on pasta in two ways. One is to mix it in the prepared dish. The second option is to place the pocket of cheese on the top and cut it open when serving.

Panini The Italian Sandwich

Italian sandwich called Panini is also an iconic dish in which Burrata cheese can be placed. Each region has different ingredients and types of bread. Bu adding Burrata cheese can enhance the flavor.

Slices Of Italian Loaves Of Bread

Placing Burrata cheese on slices of bread is another unique way of serving. Only a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper seasoning will be enough.

Fruits And Vegetable Salads

If you want something healthy to go with the Burrata cheese. Salad bowls having a combination of raw and cooked ingredients will be the best.

Topped On Italian Steaks

If you are thinking of combining this special cheese with meat then consider topping the steak with it. The creamy texture oozing out will look and taste great.

Burrata Cheese with Risotto

Risotto is a rice dish that is cooked using broth. The consistency is creamy as you gradually add the broth. Many other ingredients can be added, but Burrata Italian Cheese is something unique and tasty.

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