Kitchen Tile Design & Pro Tips: All in One Guide

There tons of reasons to tile our kitchens from floors to the walls you may want to

blend with the existing décor, to add pop-up colors, and most commonly want to use kitchen tile backsplash to shield the walls for spills.

Generally, kitchen tiles are easy to maintain for the long term, making them better than painted walls. Undoubtedly, we all have different space requirements and budgets when it comes to designing our homes. If you want a minimal design to have a classy glance and not to eat up a huge budget. Then keep reading to have an inspiring yet modern kitchen look with some helpful tips.

 No Need to Tile All Your Walls: Sound Budget Friendly!

The key objective of kitchen wall tiles is to prevent your wall from spillages & splashes. It’s good to have a reasonable budget and desire to have a tile design for all four walls of the kitchen. But the ones with budget constraints can work with creating a backsplash only around the area prone to splatters. This renders a minimal yet elite look which is a part of 2021 kitchen trends.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t matter whether you’re covering all walls or a small portion; make sure your tile matches your kitchen cabinets & all other elements.

Play with Wallpapers: Get an Interesting Texture!

Again to make your kitchen have a contemporary look by not consuming much of your money, play with wallpapers. In other words, consider tiling half the wall in color, complimenting the wallpaper you decided. It’s easy to design with wallpaper and can be changed over time to have a new makeover for your kitchen.

PRO TIP: It is better to go for pale or one shade kitchen tile colors and pair them with textured wallpaper to get the minimal look.

Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles: Time to Complement Your Floor!

Do you have busy countertops? Then let’s play with patterned kitchen tiles, but somewhere might impact a spacious look. To get a superior yet clean look, your patterned wall tiles must match with floor shades.

PRO TIP: When playing with multiple textures and colors, ensure the rest of your kitchen has a neutral or simple color palette. Thus, prevent looking too busy.

Want to Pair Two Geometric Patterns? Get a Bold & Minimal Look Simultaneously!

In case you choose two different shades or prints for the walls and the floor. Make sure to keep one soft yet solid color to combine with pattern one. Therefore, one renders high visual appeal, and the other will balance out space by making it less cluttered.

Pro TIP: Opt for simpler and brighter kitchen wall tiles to build a more spacious look. Keep in mind to go for the pattern for floor tiles rather than wall tiles.

Closing Thoughts

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you probably go to the kitchen 10 times every day. Still, if you are a less goer, then also you can’t survive without a kitchen. So, design your kitchen in these easy ways. We also hope these tips complement your budget & style.


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