Safe ways to Order Medicine Online


Medicines are crucial life support systems for many people in India and all across the world. It cures diseases and gives a person a chance of survival against any physical or mental ailments. Dependency on medicines is not good but for people with chronic diseases, these medicines work as a life force elixir (‘amrit’ in Hindi).

There are many ways to order medicine online and offline. But it becomes quite difficult to check the legitimacy of medicines online. It is very difficult for people to understand some safe ways to order medicines online. Here safe means- a medicine that has not expired, has passed all the tests, is meant to cure you, and is recommended by a doctor.

Some online pharmacies do not understand the critical functionality of medicines and attract customers to buy medicines that are not recommended or are not fit for consumption. By offering huge discounts, and delivering medicines without any authorized prescriptions, some online pharmacies play around with people’s health. Especially for people new to the internet or innocent people, it becomes very difficult to resist such attractive ads and not buying medicines online from fraudulent websites and apps. Therefore, it is very important to know how you can check the legitimacy of medicines and online pharmacies.

Here are some ways to order medicines online such that you will never be trapped by fraudulent online pharmacies:

  • Prescription-only medicines- Online pharmacies can provide their customers with only prescribed medicines. Some people come up without prescriptions and try to buy medicines that are not recommended by doctors, and can have long-term adverse effects on their bodies.
    However, for buying medicines online, apps and websites offer online doctor consultations if you don’t have a prescription. This way you can order medicines without a prescription.
  • No self-diagnosing- Do not try to cure your diseases on your own. Doctors are present 24*7 at your service.
    Self-diagnosis can lead to worsening the disease or major side effects that you might not know. A little negligence towards any physical condition can put you in a situation from where you cannot come up. So please do not try to behave like doctors without degrees and cure yourselves.
  • Check expiry date always- Be mindful when ordering medicines online. If the expiry date is not mentioned or displayed try to contact the company or maybe buy the medicine from a different app/website.
    Even if you have received medicines and check the expiry date later, return or exchange them instantly. Do not take those medicines. Be careful when you buy medicines online through apps.
  • Ratings and Reviews- Check the ratings and reviews of the application used for ordering medicines online. For example, Truemeds is an application used to buy medicine online via an app with a rating of 4.7/5 and many positive reviews. Such applications can help you with good and safe medicines.
  • Registered Medical Practitioner- A Registered Medical Partner (RMP) is bound to follow all the rules and regulations of selling medicines online. You can easily check if the website/application is registered or not and choose your online medicine partner accordingly.

After trying and testing many online medicine delivery apps, I came across Truemeds. This app was so good and budget-friendly that it helped me save around 50% on my normal medical bills. Not just this, it opened my eyes to the prices of branded medicines and how buying alternate quality medicines can help me save.

Truemeds can help you save big on your medical bills. With 100% legitimacy in medicines, you can save and be healthy at the same time. Try it now by installing it from Playstore or Appstore, or visit the website.


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