Student Visa 500: A Key Of Career Betterment

Student Visa 500: A Key Of Career Betterment

Australia offers excellent opportunities to international students. Their university systems are one of the world’s best, and thus you will learn a range of basic and advanced skills required to work in leading industries, not only in Australia but also worldwide. But the thing you need to study in Australia is an Australian student visa. Before you come, you should apply for the Student Visa 500.

One of the most significant benefits of this visa is that it will allow you to work during your study. This technique will benefit you in two ways. First of all, you can financially support yourself and your family members (if any). Secondly, you can gain a lot of experience before starting a full-time profession.

Things To Know Before You Start Working As A Student

As an international student, it will be a great experience to work in the Australian sector with the Student Visa Subclass 500. Not only can you earn some extra money, but also you will be able to taste the local community culture. But, here are a few things that you should know.

    1. Working hours: You can work for a maximum of 20 hours each week while studying, and unlimited time when you have a holiday.

    2. Workplace protections: Remember, you will have the same security as any other person employed in Australia.

    3. Minimum wage: Irrespective of your job type, you are bound to receive at least a minimum wage. And you should not accept the payment in any other form like food or housing.

    4. Strong support: As a student worker, you will get strong support every step of your career. You will find available help from both government and private associations and also from your institute.

Which Industries Will Be Perfect For You?

You will enjoy immense flexibility and a vast number of opportunities in the following industries. So, you can try out in these sectors.

    1. Retail: You can find jobs in departmental stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, boutiques, etc.

    2. Hospitality: Jobs are available in eateries, bars, cafes, restaurants, and food delivery services. Commercial cookery and hospitality jobs have been witnessing significant growth all over the world. Thus, working here will be very beneficial. 

    3. Services: You can gain experience in the aged care sector, childcare, and also cleaning services. Childcare and aged care sectors are the two most growing sectors in Australia. So, working in such industries will help you a lot. 

    4. Administration: You can work in administrative departments or clerical posts. It will help you if you want to work in managerial positions in the future.

    5. Seasonal works are available in farming and fruit-picking.

    6. You can also work as a tutor.

Benefits Of Internships And Volunteer Work

With Visa Subclass 500, you can work as interns and volunteers in some professional organisations, which will help you to expand your career. These organisations include charitable ones and also government organisations, where you can get the chance to meet different people, have practical hands-on training experience, and make significant contributions to the community.

Information on volunteer opportunities is available on different websites for different states and territories. In addition, your institute or university will offer a variety of internships, volunteer service opportunities, and work experience. Many Australian cities and state authorities also carry out various internship programs or student business programs to help you start your own entrepreneurship. 

How Can You Earn In Holiday Breaks?

The Australian Visa Subclass 500 will allow you to work for as many hours as you want during your semester breaks or holiday breaks. There are no restrictions on the work time hours. By working in the holidays, you can earn a lot more dollars to support your living. For more information, you can ask any migration agent from Adelaide registered with IAA.

What Can You Do After Your Graduation In Australia?

Numerous options will be available once you graduate with a degree from a top-ranked Australian university. You can come back to your home country or go to another country for job opportunities. An Australian degree will undoubtedly increase your chances to get a job.

Well, you can stay in Australia, too. But for that purpose, you should get a new working visa before your current student visa gets expired. As an international student who graduated from an Australian institute, you can:

    1. Apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. If you have a Bachelor, Masters or Ph. D. degree, you can get the Post-Study Work Stream Visa.

  2. Look for approval to live in Australia as a professional employee by submitting an EOI to the Australian Government.

  3. Apply for the nomination from any state or territorial government for business and skilled migration.

How Can You Apply For The Student Visa 500?

In only five steps, you can get your visa in hand. Remember, you must apply at least 6 months before the start of your course. 

    • Step 1: Before you lodge it, you should organise the mandatory health exams and get an eligible passport.

    • Step 2: In the next step, you should look at the Student Visa 500 checklist and arrange the documents accordingly. These documents are identity proof (passport will do), Confirmation of Enrolment issued by the university, financial evidence to show you have enough funds to stay, Genuine Temporary Entrant documents, health insurance proof (OSHC), and partner and dependent children documents if you include them in the application. 

    • Step 3: Now, you may apply online through the website of the Immigration Department. Keep your application fee ready.

    • Step 4: After application, you have to submit another set of documents like biometrics, health examination reports, and additional documents.

    • Step 5: You will know your visa outcome. Even if it gets refused, the authority will cite the genuine reasons.

Where To Get Help From?

As migrating to another country involves many formalities, you can consult Immigration Agent Adelaide for help in any step. They can assign you with their best migration agent to guide you professionally. 


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