The Top 4 Product Lines Offered by Breitling

The Top 4 Product Lines Offered by Breitling

Breitling is one of the luxury brands that produce some of the most stunning watches in the world. It takes pride in its advanced inner mechanics, unique design, and high-quality materials. So if you are looking for a top-tier timekeeping tool that you can buy today, the Breitling watch is a good option. 

All of the watches manufactured by the company have unbelievably high accuracy. It is because it only uses movements that pass the stringent tests administered by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. Nowadays, it offers eight collections each with distinct design, size, color palette, and functional capabilities to suit every taste and preference. If you want to know more about the brand’s wide range of offerings, then keep on reading. 

A brief history of Breitling

In 1884, the company produced the first Breitling watch under the leadership of Leon Breitling. He started operating it as a modest workshop specializing in chronographs and other precision watches for different professional fields. In 1892, he decided to relocate to La Chaux de Fonds because he believed that the place could contribute to higher sales and a wider audience. A few decades later, he died and his son named Gaston replaced his position in the company. Under his management, the business evolved and expanded catering to the needs of divers, pilots, and athletes. Throughout the years, it remained an independent watch brand despite the adversities and challenges that it faced. Here are the top 4 product lines offered by the company


If you like watches with a military feel, then the Avenger collection is what you need. They are field watches with a lot of functions to offer. The majority of them are available on a leather strap or metal bracelet with varying price tags.

  1. Avenger Seawolf Night Mission

This model is a comfortable watch for people with large wrists since it has a 45 mm case size. Despite having a large diameter, it is lightweight to ensure that you will not face discomfort when wearing it. It features a big cylindrical crown and dial numerals made from SuperLumiNova materials. It is the perfect companion for diving activities because of its 3 000 m water resistance. You can have it for as low as $4 000.

  1. Avenger GMT 43

If you need to check two time zones at a time, you may purchase this GMT 43 model. Its stainless steel case measures 43 mm. It has a water resistance of 300 m so it can withstand activities in a swimming pool. It costs $4 000 to $4 500. 


The company recently updated the chronomat collection to give it a refreshed style. Even though it adopted some changes, it remained true to the design of the original 1984 versions. One of its trademarks is the use of a bracelet that looks like stacked-cycling. Almost all the models have metal bracelets. You can rarely find one without this bracelet option. 

  1. Chronomat B01 42

The Breitling Chronomat B01 42 model comes with a dial with different colors. Some versions have bold-colored dials while others feature traditional colored ones. It has a comfortable rouleaux bracelet, rounded pushers, and rider tabs. There will be no accuracy or functionality issues that will arise when you wear it during your underwater explorations because it is resistant to water with a depth of 200 m. You can have this watch for as low as $8 250. 

  1. Super Chronomat 

This Super Chronomat has a lot of additional complications but it still looks sporty and classy. The best thing about this model is that you no longer have to reset anything once you consume its power reserve. Aside from that, it has enough allure with several subdials and red gold accents. You can never go wrong with this model as it makes its presence known whenever you wear it. It is available in two versions namely with a rubber strap or bracelet. If you purchase the former, you have to pay $14 600 while the latter costs $15 200. 


The professional collection contains highly functional models that can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for a watch that can last for several years even if you use it multiple times, then a model from this collection is a great option to buy. The company guarantees you that the professional watches are high-quality despite having utilitarian aesthetics.

  1. Emergency

Watch collectors with large wrists often find themselves having a hard time finding a timepiece that comfortably fits them. Look no further since Breitling made this Emergency model just for you. It has a very large watch with a case diameter of 51 m. It's a must-have survival gear since it features an integrated antenna system that can tell emergency rescuers of your location. Its price ranges from $18 600 to $19 900.

  1. Aerospace EVO

The Aerospace EVO comes with the SuperQuartz caliber 79. It also contains several complications like analog dial, chronograph, alarm, second time zone, and countdown timers. The company used titanium materials for the 43 mm case to ensure that it is durable enough for aerospace drivers to use. You can have this for only $4 000.


The Navitimer is the most popular collection of this brand. It has an iconic design that is easily recognizable. Usually, it features a bi-directional bezel, slide rule, and several complications. If you are a professional pilot, then it's best to get one from this collection.

  1. Navitimer BO1 Chronograph 43

This BO1 chronograph 43 is one of the latest models released by the company. Overall, it still resembles the look and function of the original watch launched in 1952. It will allow you to perform analog computations due to its bi-directional friction bezel. From the name itself, one can infer that it has a chronograph movement. Even though a lot is going on the watch, reading the time is a piece of cake. To have this, prepare $8 650 to $9 300.

  1. Navitimer 1959

If you love vintage aesthetics, then this 1958 Navitimer model is a great choice. It comes with large Arabic numerals, a logo with a vintage design, and a few date windows. It has a 41mm case made from platinum materials paired with a leather strap. The company manufactured only 59 pieces of this model so wearing one can surely give you a sense of exclusivity. Since it’s rare to find it, it has a price tag of $39 900. 

In Conclusion

After knowing some of the product lines offered by Breitling, you probably realized that it gives buyers a wide range of watch options. If you plan to buy one from the brand, you may visit any of its 14 boutiques in the United States. But if you live in other countries, you may visit to order one while enjoying great discounts!

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