The Virtual Tour of Denver Mountain National Park


Known as the crown jewel of Denver, this famous Park covers 415 miles of granite mountaintop, alpine lake and wildflower-filled meadows, and allow tourists to participate in various adventurous things to do in Denver. It is a journey that will take you to the top of the Continental Divide at 11,000ft. Beautiful memories and breath-taking photos are right around the corner in Winter Park, as well as delicious lunch at Grand Lake.


During summers, you can find peace in this area, you can also watch bighorn moose, sheep, and black bears. Also, climbers find it challenging to scale the high peaks of the site. At the same time, families and tourists will enjoy driving along Trail Ridge Road, tourist can also participate in ranger-led activities, and making short excursions into the beautiful wilderness.


What's the best time to visit this National Park?

Out of all the season summer season is safest season to travel to this place, it is advisable to bring your own snowshoes as it is possible to get snow as early as September. If you are someone who don’t like the crowd then winter is the best time to travel. The off-season are also a great way to embrace the beauty of this place.


Famous Hiking Areas of Rocky Mountain National Park

This place is great for hiking, and also offer basic amenities like information signs and restroom facilities. Many of these trailheads will have park rangers on hand during peak seasons to help out all the tourists. These trailheads tend to be located on the east side. It is impossible to list all the trailheads within the park. This discussion will focus on the most popular but not the lesser-known ones.


Popular Trails in Rocky Mountain National Park

You will be amazed to know that this park has 239 fantastic hiking trails, trail running tracks, and other outdoor activities. All Trails include detailed reviews, photos, driving directions, trail maps, and trail maps. Are you ready for some adventure? This Park has 117 moderate trails that range from 1.3 to 62.8km and 2,388 to 4,059 meters above sea level. You'll soon be able to get on the trail quickly if you start checking them out!


Final Words

It is one of the most visited natural parks in the world. You can enjoy the four distinct ecosystems of montane subalpine, alpine tundra, and riparian.

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