What Should be Considered When Planning a Rescue Team?

Choosing the equipment that the Rescue team should use is not as easy as it looks. And if we cannot select rescue equipment for confined spaces, then the task becomes more typical. But then also there is a wide range of tools and essential equipment that can prove to be pretty valuable at the time of action. 

It is advised that one should have everything at the time of the rescue. Still, we should not ignore the fact that this equipment is being carried to minimize the risks and complications involved in the recovery. One should not carry unnecessary things alongside. 

Let’s discuss some of the most essential and popular ACOP L101 96 certified equipment and can help a rescuer in super confined spaces.

  • An advanced Breathing apparatus: Well, this is one of the essential pieces of equipment on the whole list, for obvious reasons. Especially if we consider the confined space situation, a rescuer needs to have an ample amount of oxygen in the system to perform the whole rescue operation. Good quality breathing equipment can help the rescuer stay at the rescuing site for long hours, increasing the chances of a successful rescue.
  • Entrance system: The entry should not have a complex element to it. The entry should be as simple as possible.
  • Communication: One of the essential pieces of equipment of the whole rescue process are the ones with the help of which a rescuer can talk to the person being rescued and the team managing everything from the outside. And because we are considering rescue equipment for confined spaces, then a good quality verbal apparatus, radio appliances, and a well-built, rugged-lined communication system can give rescuers all the advantages they need.
  • Stretchers: Another critical piece of equipment for the whole process is a roll-up stretcher that can easily fit in the backpack and help handle the victim suitably.
  • Gas Detectors: This is not essential for the rescuer as they would be equipped with breathing equipment, but gas needs to be thoroughly monitored at these sites as any place can turn into a flame in microseconds. 
  • Lighting: Safe and reliable head-torches would do excellent work in the whole rescue operation as both hands need to be free to handle all the essential equipment. 
  • First Aid kit: The kit should have all the essential things usually used to give first aid to the victim as it can prove to be life-saving. The size of the kit depends upon the size of the entrance and the level of the whole job.
  • Access Equipment: A well-built tripod, customizable ladder, tough ropes can prove to be pretty valuable for providing access benefits to the rescuer. 

So these are the equipment that a rescuer needs. Now, if we talk about other essential systems that should be part of the whole rescuing process, then they would be:

  • An advanced alarm system can help the rescuer call for help or pass any other important information to the team.
  • A fire safety system that controls a whole lot of equipment as a tiny spark can turn into a flame in no time.
  • A system to call all the public emergency services to the main site can significantly help the whole rescue process. 

So these are all the essential systems and other necessary rescue equipment for confined spaces that can benefit the whole rescue process and increase the chances of saving a life. 

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