Which PNP is best for A Job Opportunity in Canada?

 Provincial nomination is the right of a province to select the applicant based on their abilities and also the labor requirement in the region; every province has the right to nominate an applicant that they seem fit for the economic growth. A province can only allot the nomination and doesn't provide permanent residency. Every province has its own eligibility bar for the selection of applicants for immigration, and those who meet these requirements are able to get the invite.

Also, getting the invite by a province means the applicant becomes eligible for additional 600 points in the federal express entry score calculation that guarantees the selection in the next express entry draw.

Canada is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, and it's a country that has shown economic growth despite the pandemic crises. There are opportunities for every profession, and the applicants can easily relocate to Canada if they are skilled and talented.  Thus, if you have abilities on your side, getting a provincial nomination will not be difficult.

This piece will help the applicants identify the provinces with a lot of job opportunities.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

The most popular stream of Nova Scotia is the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry program. The applicant who has an active profile in the express entry pool is selected. Through this stream, the skilled applicants are targeted to contribute to Nova scotia's economy. The applicant needs to have a job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia to qualify or have work experience in any of Nova Scotia's in-demand job occupations.  There is another equally contributive stream of Nova Scotia experience: Express Entry which is also aligned to the express entry and requires the applicant to have work experience in the qualified job.

Saskatchewan Immigrant nominee program (SINP)

There are two streams of Saskatchewan for those looking for specific job opportunities -

·   International Skilled Workers program: Saskatchewan Express Entry

·    Skilled Worker: Occupation in Demand

The International Skilled worker's stream is designed to target the skilled workers who have experience in different sectors, whereas the occupation in demand is for those skilled workers who have work experience in any of the in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Programs

Alberta Provincial Nominee Programs three main streams are -

          Alberta opportunities stream

          Alberta Express Entry Stream

          Alberta Self Employment Farmer Stream

Each stream has a different point score requirement and eligibility requirements that need to be met. Once these eligibility requirements are met, the applicants can relocate easily to Alberta.

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)

For OINP, the stream is Human Capital Priorities Stream – A sub stream of Ontario. This stream selects those candidates from the Express Entry Pool who met the eligibility criteria specific to the stream.  It was introduced in 2015 and has been a centerpiece of OINP since then.  To be considered in the HCP, the applicants need to have an Express Entry profile.

Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP)

Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP) selects candidates as per the needs and demands of the Manitoba employer. The province selects educated and trained employees as per the requirement of skills needed in the labor market. There are two main streams for immigration to Manitoba – Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas.

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