Why Your Room Looks Messy and What You Have to Do

Your room looks messy and affects your personality a lot? You may not enter a home with so much mess and things tousy here and there, then why your room is like this? Maybe you need to change few things at your home to look organized and well settled. Your weekends must be spent around organizing your home and you may stay disturbed during the week by thinking of your untidiness room corners. This blog is to save you by telling you what to do with your messy room corners and how to avoid messiness.

·         Organize the jewelry that you throw on the dressing table while being ready

Your makeup, jewelry, and everyday office clothes might be a big mess you make daily but maybe this mess is not organized for months. To organize your daily routine mess, take time to put things on their respective storage boxes. Like, jewelry must go in jewelry display cases so that you just pick the one you need to wear and the makeup room looks less cluttered. Your dressing area is the first thing you need to organize daily because every day will add up more mess into already untidy things. Start from little things and your routine will go around making things tidy and organized day by day.

·         Put dirty clothes aside or in a basket

You love pajamas more than casuals but what about dirty casuals you throw on one of the room's chairs you have? Put your used and dirty clothes inside separate and hidden baskets o that no extra space is covered and make your room untidy. Your dirty clothes are a source of stink, smell, and bad odor to your room and they add more uncomfortableness than anything. To make your room look decent you must get rid of daily office clothes just go and put them into the laundry and get rid of excessive stuffing in your room.

·         Get rid of any spare chair in the room

Any spare piece of furniture that adds extra space is not good because it may give you a feeling that you can put anything on them. After all, they are not in good use. Any extra furniture article will make your room stuffy and congested. Minimalistic furniture with a lot of space and ventilation is what your organized room demands. So, in the next round of cleaning give your furniture a try and see how things look nice.

·         Organize your cupboard

One of the very common messes in every home is untidy and filled-up cupboards that add a lot of unorganized sense. Unfolded clothes, tousy shirts, and missed socks are signs that your cupboards need your help. Clothes need to be ordered and well settled inside their respective cabins as soon as they leave laundry because for a single day if they are left untidy, they will haunt your cleanliness efforts.

·         Have an extra storage box for you

You have more stuff than you use, so put all these things in an extra storage box. Storage boxes can be placed in a laundry area and under the bed. These extra storage boxes can be handy when organizing seasonal clothes and sports stuff that you need next year.

·         Extra pillows and beddings

Your living space can look stuffed and confused when a lot of extra pillows and cushions are lying from one corner to other. Extra beddings, extra pillows, and any extra piece of fabric look exaggerated in-home decoration. Even window fabrics must be of light and cool colors to give the home a sense of openness. Excessive and unnecessary clothes around the home give senseless feelings.

·         Throw away excessive small decorative accessories

Excessive dressings in your room can look messy at a glance. Get rid of every extra and spare decorative thing that looks so odd and out of any order. Keep your corners clean and neat because they depict a nice show and space. Corners are not be filled sometimes, if one corner has wall hangings others can have plants. Putting everything in one place is not healthy for your fashion sense. In case you need to decorate your home, you must use mirrors instead of other items.

·         Dark paints

Does your room look messy even after a heavy-duty cleanliness routine? Everything is organized but it looks pathetic there? It must be the paint color you chose, dark paints give a sense of closed and messy places. Bright and low colors pour more light and add liveliness into your home.

·         Avoid wallpapers with heavy patterns

Just like heavy paint colors, heavy pattern son window blinds and wallpapers may give a messy glance to your room. Avoid any extra fancy and congested patterns on your walls so they look full of life.

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