8 Apps to Keep Track of Health


Every time you set out to reach a new fitness goal, you begin evaluating what needs to be done to achieve that goal. Better sleep, weight loss, or healthy eating – tracking these habits gives you a more comprehensive picture. 

Sadly, our fast-paced lifestyle denies us an opportunity to stay fit. The increasing trend of grabbing meals and consuming them without paying attention to the caloric count has led to increasing health issues.

It would be best to adopt a healthier lifestyle before feeling lethargy sweeps into your life, and unlikely diseases catch you. Fortunately, we have plenty of apps available in stores to achieve our health outcomes. This digital assistance provides the support and motivation you need to keep going!

Following are some virtual friends you could use to keep track of your health:


MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps to track your eating habits. It allows the users to count calories by entering them into a digital online diary. It also enables the users to keep track of their exercise. 

This app connects you to a large food database to look up what you eat and record it in the app. Users can input their fitness goals. The app will take these and break down the number of calories each day and how much water to consume. At the end of each day, it gives you insightful feedback that you can use to achieve your fitness targets.

You get a better understanding of the type of foods you consume. Simultaneously, there is a little accountability to keep you committed to your goals. You have to turn on the reminder setting to receive notifications throughout the day and make sure you are tracking your meals.

MyFitnessPal is not a one-size-fits-all application. The personal diet profile of a user can be changed to align with their needs. The program calculates the caloric needs according to weight, height, lifestyle, and gender.


Fitplan is one of the recently launched workout apps. It has managed to partner with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. It goes without saying that a fitness app endorsed by the fittest couples alive must have some incredible features.

Initially, the app asks you a bunch of fitness-related questions. It will then recommend a workout plan based on these answers. Each program specifies your commitment in days, like how many times you should train per week and the duration of these workouts. 

Developers fathom how it could be challenging to adopt a healthy lifestyle when you have a desk job. Thus, they have come up with handy tips to manage your health.

Users can choose from dozens of programs designed by some of their all-time favorites, like Ryan Lochte, Rob Gronkowski, and A-Rod. These are programs of varying lengths and target different fitness requirements.


Sleep is monumental to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Compromising sleep has become a norm these days because of the highly competitive environment. It is essential to know that lack of sleep could negatively impact your physical and mental health. Over time, this will interfere with your work and lead you to a plethora of diseases.

One must stay vigilant about how their sleep cycle works. This will allow people to create a better sleeping pattern and balance their health.

SleepCycle tracks your sleep quality and heart rate while you are sleeping. It monitors your sleep patterns and makes notes of disturbances like sleep talking or snoring. A unique feature of this app is that it wakes you up when you are in a lighter sleep state. This is to make you feel well-rested and ready to tackle the hustle.

D Minder Pro

One of the cons of living in an urban setting is the lack of exposure to the sun. This eventually leads to lower vitamin D levels. If you are in this situation, consider downloading this app. 

D Minder Pro estimates your vitamin D exposure. It evaluates your vitamin D levels according to the location and weather conditions. This could help you figure out if your body requires more supplements at a specific time, such as the winter season. When you get a test at the doctor, add numbers within the app to develop a good starting point.

Health Pal

Health Pal is an app that intends to keep your body healthy and fit. This app records your daily activities, including walking, calories, exercise, and water consumption.

It empowers your journey towards a holistically healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, the app contains all information about your fitness, diet, and several other resources in one portal. 

This means you have to input your personal information. The developers of Health Pal have ensured an encrypted security feature to restrict all information. This security pattern is similar to that found in airG scam free apps.


Fooducate makes it possible for users to consume a healthy and balanced diet. The goal of this app is to teach you about all products you purchase from the grocery store. All you have to do is scan 250 000 barcodes to check a personalized nutrition grade. 

The goal of this app is to teach users what food manufacturers don’t accomplish every time. In this system, you can learn about the pros and cons of certain ingredients. This helps to make informed food choices. It evaluates the additives, GMOs, food colorings, and much more. 

There is also a feature enabling you to connect with health experts and other apps for support and advice.


You might have guessed by its name – this app helps running freaks to keep track of their distance covered. The app has an intuitive interface, and there is a community of pavement pounders with whom you can connect.

The app also provides personalized training plans if you have little idea how to begin the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. You can track your runs on the ground and log in when you run on a treadmill.

And the fun part is that you can keep track of the runs of a friend. Compete with them and see who reaches the goals first!

Remente – Self Improvement

Being healthy isn’t only about physical health. In fact, you must be doing excellent at a psychological level too. The Remente app provides you plenty of reasons to get happy and look for fulfillment in your lifestyle. 

This app acts as your life coach according to your requirements. 

You can use its digital platform and take part in the daily coaching sessions. These contain videos and interactive guides to understand and practice well-being. Understanding what affects your life is crucial to improve your well-being. There are tools like Life Wheel that make it easier for you to achieve focus and a balanced environment for yourself.

Once you have a purpose in life, you will notice a stark positive difference in your physical health.

Concluding Remarks

Apps have indeed created a remarkable difference in our lives. Our odds of living up to 100 years or more are much higher than we can imagine. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of people age 100 years and above will grow eightfold by 2050. 

We, too, can become a unit in this figure if we follow a balanced lifestyle. Seeking the assistance of apps may help us hit the century and beyond!

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