A Guide To Norwegian Forest Cat

Let us dive into the world of the Norwegian forest cat. A cat that has caught so many people's attention, especially for its beauty. Why is this cat a topic of discussion for people? There are many breeds of cats who amaze us with their beauty and skills, and it can be hard to choose one. Today let's focus on this one.


When talking about the Norwegian forest cat, it is believed that they have been brought to Norway to adapt to their cold weather. It is thought that the Siberian one and the Turkish angora are the ancestors of this breed. The existence of this cat has been mentioned for a long time, even in the Norse mythology.

There have been many cat tales that were written back then. They have been passed down orally. They were first-ever recorded somewhere in between 800 c.e. and 1200 c.e. known as the Edda poems. With these poems, it has been said that there have been domestic cats in Norway for hundreds or even thousands of years. But, where they have originated from is unknown.

It is said that they have arrived in Norway with crusaders or traders. When they came, they were known to have short coats. But, as time passed by and they had to get used to the climate, they developed long, water-resistant coats and had great survival instincts.

The first-ever organization to be made devoted to this breed was formed in 1398 in Oslo, Norway. This organization was made to create a movement which devoted to preserving the breed, but it was interrupted by WW2. Later, in the 1950s, King Olav V declared the Norwegian forest cat the official cat of Norway.This cat has become popular not only in Norway but in Sweden and United Kingdom as well. If you want to know more about this, follow the link https://www.norgeskaukatt.co.uk/Norgeskaukatt/History/originalhistory.html.

Breed description and personality

The Norwegian cat has some robust features. When you look at it, you can notice it is bigger and stronger than an average one. It has a long body with long legs and a bushy tail. Unlike when it arrived in Norway, now it has a long, thick, water-resistant topcoat and a wooly undercoat. It also has thick legs, chest, and head. The coat that it has was developed for the cat to be able to survive the Scandinavian climate.

Their head has a long face with a shape that almost looks like a triangle. It also has a strong chin, almond-shaped eyes that can be of any color. They have strong claws, which gives them the ability to climb rocks. At first, this cat used to live outdoors, which resulted in making it a great hunter, but it slowly started to adapt to the indoor life as well.

When talking about their personality, it has been shown that they can be mainly very energetic. You won't be surprised if you find them investigating your counters, bookcases. They like to play a lot. This breed is the type to be very friendly and sweet with its family, but it can be a bit reserved when it comes to strangers.

They don't need much attention and petting because they feel good just being in the presence of their family. They can entertain themselves all day long. They are not very affectionate, so you won't catch them laying in your lap, they will just walk next to you, and you can scratch them a little bit, and that will be enough for them.

It is one of the most intelligent cats out there and can learn very quickly because of its history. It likes to be challenged and kept interested when doing something. Check this page out to find out more about this.

Choosing one

Suppose you decided that you want to get a Norwegian forest cat. In that case, it is essential to know that you need to make sure it is going to be very happy and healthy. So, this is why you need to do your homework before you even bring it home.

The way that you can be confident you are getting well taken care of the cat and one with e pedigree is to look for a reputable breeder that actually takes care of the cats and is the one responsible for selling them. It is not a good idea to get a cat like that from a pet store.

Usually, a good breeder would have done the health certifications beforehand. A lot of breeders have websites, so how would you know which one is good and not. Look out for ones that allow you to pay with a credit card if they have available kittens at all times.

Put more effort into searching for Norwegian forest cat before you actually choose to incorporate it into your lifestyle. It is a lot of work to take care of a cat, and until they grow up, they can be destructive. When they grow up, you can actually see what their personality is like and if they have any health problems.

The Norwegian forest cats are one unusual and uncommon breed, so be prepared to be surprised a lot. You may think that this is the right breed for you, but you will never find out unless you take it home and take care of it.


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