Buying TikTok Followers: Will It Make You Famous?

You may wonder how buying TikTok followers makes someone famous, right?

So, here I am to answer your questions, share advice, and help you find the best website to buy fans for TikTok videos. I've been on TikTok for the last 15 months and was able to add new followers every single day. Before we dive right in I want to say I've bought followers on TikTok hundreds of times for study purposes only.

I never intended to become an influencer, and only jumped on TikTok to get my ex out of my head after a nasty split-up. But as 15 months passed and I've hit over a 100 thousand followers mark, I've started receiving sponsorship offers. 

So, for those of you who think buying TikTok followers is useless, read this post and act on it - you'll be grateful you followed my advice. 

Without further ado, let's see if it makes you famous. 

Buy TikTok Followers To Rank Higher on TikTok

Everyone is familiar with the elusive For You page on TikTok. 9 out of 10 creators mention that page in their videos by adding a hashtag #fyp. After all, getting on the front page of TikTok, while so desirable, is not easy.

Buying TikTok followers can help you not just grow views count but really improves your chances of getting on For You page. Wondering why?

That's is what happened to one of my videos.

I had many views on that video, because those videos which make it there, get 100X more views, likes, and possibly followers. A couple of days prior to seeing my video on the front page, I've bought 1k followers, roughly the same number of likes, and 10 times more views from one of the best websites - FeedPixel.

I've just started my 100-day TikTok challenge and was pressing on video quality and various trends on TikTok. Did not expect much of an effect from that package which cost me $30 or so. But I was going to try paid promotion anyway so I felt like a package for a decent price should work decently. The primal logic, which proved to be true.

Not one but several of my videos quickly grew in views and likes, and my profile visits shot up 200%. Not the next day, of course. It took several days, but it did magic to my profile. Seriously.

How Buying TikTok Followers Helps People Discover You

Despite its debatable nature, buying TikTok followers works if you use a trusted resource. I would recommend you use the service that offers a logical explanation of why they are best. You may rely on your gut feeling, but a better way would be to do thorough research to see how other users reacted. You can use tools like SocialMention to find reactions and mentions about the brand on social media.

But in general, buying followers on TikTok helps users discover your posts and profile. It is well-known that every platform tries to keep you logged in scrolling your feed for as long as they can. In fact, the goal behind the TikTok algorithm is to serve popular content and creators to your feed. Once you have one of your videos viral, the algorithm has noticed you. Keeping creating engaging content and buying TikTok followers, likes, and views increases your chances of getting on For You page. 

Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

Now is the million-dollar question, should you buy TikTok followers? Let's get straight, buying TikTok followers alone won't make you TikTok famous overnight. 

I can rumble for hours how great or stupid it is, but instead, I've shared my case with you. Despite this helping me to trick the algorithm and steadily growing my account, I've known dozens of creators complaining how a few hundred fans they've bought never gave a boost. 

I'm not surprised though

Here are the biggest mistakes you could make when buying TikTok followers.

- You expect a handful of followers to skyrocket your views, profile visits, likes, etc.

- Your videos are of poor quality, lack an original plot, or are downright boring.

- You've bought once, and decided "to never again buy this crap" 

- You've spent your last money buying followers hoping to get sponsorships once you have "1k, 10k, or 100k followers". 

- You've checked a couple of websites, compared the prices, and chose the cheapest.

- You've been buying followers only, and not video views, likes, or comments. 

Also note, because followers you buy are from different time zones, interests, ages, and gender, you cannot expect them to stay active on your profile. If they are real fans, then they are paid by the provider for a single action - following. Real profiles cannot be cheap. If they are cheap, they can be bots. 

Because the algorithm does not rely on a single action but a continuous activity. Thus, 1k followers out of nowhere with no more followers, likes, or views may not have any impact on your rankings and growth.

To Recap

You can skip this blog post, take it with a grain of salt, or act upon it. But as long as you are buying TikTok followers from a credible source without any knowledge of how the TikTok algorithm works, getting famous is very unlikely.

In this post, I've shared my own opinion from my 15 months as a creator. But I'm not the only one using TikTok. There are hundreds of influencers who buy promotions for TikTok but never disclose it. The thing is you should decide for yourself if you have the money and time to invest to get TikTok famous. I'm sure with the right mindset, funds, and determination, becoming an influencer on TikTok is easier than on any other social network.

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