CBD Overdose - Is It Possible to Lose Control Over the Intake of CBD Gummies?

 Can CBD overdose occur? This question must have appeared in your mind if you have been a CBD user for a long time. Well, you are not alone. Almost every CBD user remains doubtful whether CBD can be addictive or not. No matter what drug you intake, it’s crucial to analyze whether it can be addictive and harm your regular life or not. Moreover, the main ingredients of CBD products are extracted from Cannabis plants. So, being skeptical about intaking CBD products isn’t unusual. 

CBD overdose can occur if your gummies contain more than the required concentration of CBD. So, if you’re searching for an online supplier that offers CBD-infused gummies for sale, check online for purchasing premium products. To get information about the potential side effects of CBD gummies and other products, read this article. It will let you have an insight into the concept of CBD overdose. 

Is it true that CBD overdose occurs?

Unfortunately, this question has no specific answer. Though researches are ongoing to discover the addictive side of CBD products, accurate information on this isn’t available yet. Most scientists and CBD researchers have claimed that the chances of substance abuse or addiction are lesser in CBD products. Alongside, they didn’t rule out the possibilities of CBD overdosing. As CBD products are highly effective as relaxants and pain relievers, consumers might consume higher doses of CBD gummies or other CBD products for improving their conditions. Who wants to tolerate pain or anxiety attacks without finding a relief solution? 


Some CBD users tend to take higher doses of CBD products for relieving their pains or relaxing their minds. However, they don’t consider the adequate amounts of CBD products necessary or suitable for them. This uncautious practice leads to overdose. Therefore, such activities are not advisable at all. The good news is that the overdosage of CBD products doesn’t have fatal impacts on human bodies. So, even if you’re taking high doses of CBD products, you’re not supposed to encounter any severe or long-term effects due to that.

The side effects of CBD overdose 

The latest researches have proved that a human being can tolerate up to 1500 mg of CBD daily. So if you are within this limit of consumption, you won’t face any health issues in your regular life. Of course, you’re likely to encounter some minor symptoms, but if you’re already on specific medications, don’t intake CBD products exceeding the normal range without consulting your doctor. 

Now, let us look at what minor side effects you can expect due to a higher CBD dosage:

  • You might encounter chronic fatigue as you start intaking higher amounts of CBD products daily. However, as CBD affects the hormone levels in the brain, fatigue is bound to appear as a minor symptom. 

  • Some users with weak digestive systems reported having mild diarrhea as they started overdosing on CBD products. 

  • You may witness sudden changes in your normal appetite as a symptom associated with CBD overdosing. 

  • Also, your body weight might increase or decrease as your appetite and food habits tend to change due to CBD overdose. 

As you see, none of the side effects mentioned above are severe and fatal. In most cases, users cope with these symptoms themselves without seeking medical attention. However, users having weak immune systems are likely to be hospitalized as the side effects may appear in severe forms in their bodies. It depends on your bodily functions. If you’re a healthy adult, the chances are low that you may encounter any of the side effects mentioned above.  

How to determine the suitable dosage of CBD products for yourself? 

So now, how do you figure out the proper dosage for yourself? Well, the correct CBD dosage for every individual depends on numerous factors. If you don’t want the side effects of CBD products to impact your regular lifestyle negatively, you should stick to a dosage that’s tolerable by your body. 

So let’s look at the decisive factors in finding out the right amount of CBD for yourself:

  • You should consider your body weight as a priority to determine a suitable CBD dosage for yourself. 

  • Also, consider the condition you’re treating with the help of CBD products. 

  • Different bodies have different chemistry. So you must intake CBD products according to your body chemistry. 

  • Not all CBD pills or gummies contain the same concentration of CBD. So, be conscious while taking a CBD pill or gummy and check its concentration level to avoid side effects. 

The best decision is to consult your doctor about the suitable CBD dosage for yourself. Your doctor can determine the right amount of CBD based on your medical history and body chemistry. You must strictly adhere to the dosage your doctor has recommended. 

If you are unable to visit your doctor for a consultation about this, start with small doses. Initially, 20 mg CBD is fair enough for any adult. However, if you’re afflicted with pain or anxiety-related symptoms, don’t exceed the limit of 40 mg CBD per day. Otherwise, the side effects mentioned above will start appearing. As your body gets used to it, you may increase the dosage slowly. That is, you can increase the dosage up to 5 mg every week. After that, you should keep increasing the dosage weekly unless your condition starts improving. 

Final Words 

That’s all you need to know about CBD overdose. I hope this article clarifies all the potential side effects of CBD overdose. Don’t be impatient while increasing the amount of CBD intake daily. CBD products are not harmful at all. Neither the overdosage of these products cause fatal conditions. So, no need to be skeptical before using these products. But make sure you don’t go beyond a specific limit that’s as advised by the doctor. As we have already said, CBD products are not at all addictive unless you’re an addict in nature. 

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