Easy & Flavorful Canned Green Bean Recipe

Easy & Flavorful Canned Green Bean Recipe

Canned green beans have a long shelf life! Making them your ideal storage staple will help you add some greens to your everyday diet. If done correctly, you won't even infer it's canned.

Green beans are a rich source of nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin K. They offer a pleasant and mild flavor to all your dishes, even food critics can't deny it. Because of its versatility, it is always preferable to stack some canned green beans.

Many recipes involve green beans, we will offer you some too. Stick till the end to uncover amazing canned bean recipes.

Seared canned green beans with a dash of garlic and cashew nuts

This is not only a simple but flavorful dish. You can even feed a football crowd with it, a matter of minutes to create magic.

Add the garlic and cashew to your food processor and get a fine chunk. Next, to make it with less oil, preheat your pan and sear the exteriors of the green beans. Sear the beans nicely on medium-high flame for 60 seconds and then toss it and sear the other. Add the chunk mixture with beans and saute for more than 2-3 minutes.

Get them a little toasty, for the enriched nutty flavor!

Simple onions and beans

This is a great side meal for your course and is prepared in just a few steps. This is a weekend quickie and requires only five ingredients and only takes fifteen minutes to get a perfect dish.

All you need is olive oil, butter, garlic, onions, and green beans. Trust me, it is a family favorite!

Simply rinse the canned green beans and separate the strings if there. Let it sit for a while and chop garlic and onions. Heat a pan saute onion and garlic for a while, toss the beans, and stir occasionally, till it gets a bit crispy. You can add chopped bacon and some lemon to enhance the taste.

Basic fried beans

This comfort food can be your savior during rough days. It is easy to make and is fulfilling too with minimum ingredients. I recommend this as it is a delicious way to eat beans by preserving their natural nutrients.

Preheat a pan, add bacon and onions, fry them till they are partially golden. Now add mushrooms and cook for more time to get an even golden brown coating. Now, add the green beans, stir nicely and cover the pan. Leave it alone for at least 5 minutes, then you can occasionally stir until it's cooked completely.

Keep the flame low while frying beans, the whole process is 30 minutes long but the taste is worth the time.

Green bean casserole

Traditional green bean casserole is a holiday staple side dish that sets up a lot of creaminess on the dinner table. This is a truly classic French recipe that tastes yum if done with canned beans. For every other veggie, I prefer them to be fresh but canned green beans are flavorful and softer than the raw ones. So using them enhances the flavor instantly.

Start with preheating the oven at 180°C. Grease a baking tin, and add cream of mushroom soup, pepper, milk, and give a nice stir. At last add beans and fried onions. Bake for at least 30 minutes, and serve it hot. You can garnish it by using cilantro and spring onions.

Parmesan garlic green beans

Green beans are often ignored by saying bland. But they are my staple vegetables because they are easy to make and are perfect for fancier events. Big gatherings, special meals, and even holidays. Green beans are prime for every occasion.

Turning a can of the bean into a flavorful side dish is not at all complex and only needs a few basic ingredients. So, let's get started with parmesan garlic green beans.

Take one tbsp of butter and melt it on low flame, then add olive oil. Make sure to keep the flame low, because olive oil has a low smoke point and burns easily. Add chopped garlic and saute it for 60 seconds, then give in the beans and let them cook for around 6-7 minutes on medium to low flame. Remove the beans from heat, and serve it with sprinkled parmesan cheese.

Tips for making the best-canned beans

● Garlic cloves need to be sliced thinly so that the flavor gets dispersed easily.

● If you are opting for fresh beans instead of cans, make sure to blanch your beans before cooking them.

Get your Beans Right!

Canned beans are super easy to make on your own. Take your liberties while cooking beans and adapt them according to your preference. You can easily experiment with them and create new delicacies with canned green beans every day.

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